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Chartering Process

Yacht charter season starts for the new season at the end of summer season each year (at the end of October). Unlike cruise ships and hotels, there is only one from each yacht and the sooner you make reservation the bigger chance you will have if we consider the possibility that the dates which you want to make reservation may be taken by another charterer. Moreover, if you do not have  a specific yacht in your mind, in parallel with your demands we have the chance to offer more alternatives when you make early reservation.  And early reservation discounts will help you make additional savings.  But that does not mean you cannot find any available yachts if you do not make early reservation. You can even make reservation one day before the date you want to go to a cruise. You can benefit from last-minute discounts in scope of such near dated charters . Of course, if there are still available yachts according to your criteria.

Yacht chartering process begins the moment you contact us and ends when you return home after your holiday without problems.

1.  Yacht Chartering Demand

You can examine the yachts on our web site and send your demands to us by using our communication modules for the yacht/yachts you liked. Your demands will be answered within 24 hours at the latest. Please state whether you prefer e-mail or phone communication when we contact you, while using these forms.

Also you can deliver your demands to us directly by phone during our working hours and request offer from us. Our GMT+2  office working time is between 09:00 am and 18:00 pm.

After your demand reaches us, you will receive an e-mail from us that includes yacht alternatives according to your specified details.  Firstly, if there are more than one alternative you can have our ideas in determination of most suitable one among your selections for you. Our sales representatives will direct you in the best way.

We can pass to second stage after selecting the right yacht.

2. Deciding on Details and Yacht Chartering Contract

The route to be followed, food and drink details, special organizations, airport transfer details will be prepared according to your demands to create yacht charter agreement. Although all details are stated in the contract, the route details without changing the beginning and ending points, food and drink details, organization and transfer details can be changed until the last moment according to your demands.

The final state of yacht charter agreement will be prepared, signed by us and sent to you via e-mail.  You will need to print and sign this contract and send to us via e-mail or fax.

40% of total charter cost shall be paid via bank transfer so that agreement can become valid. We will give the last confirmation to tour authorities the moment payment voucher reaches us, and the yacht you demanded will become chartered for you between the demanded dates.

Cancellation and Return Conditions

You may want to cancel your cruise or demand a date change for any reason. If the yacht does not have any other reservation for the dates you want to have, we will be glad to help you.

In case of charter cancellations, our cancellation policy is below.

25% of the preliminary payment for cancellations made 90+ days before the tour date

50% of the preliminary payment for cancellations made 89 -60 days before the tour date

75% of the preliminary payment for cancellations made 59 -40 days before the tour date

100% of total amount for cancellations made 39-0 days before the tour date.

These amounts are collected as the cancellation costs.

This cancellation policy is applied by all yacht owners and agencies, as each yacht is unique and it is hard to sell the same dates at a period near tour date.

In spite of this, in case of diseases, disasters, wars etc. situations, negotiation is made with the yacht owner in scope of goodwill, and 100% return payment can be made in case the yacht owner approves. But this completely depends on the decision of yacht owner.

3. Completion of Tour

If you demand airport transfer from our company, your tour starts when we welcome you at the airport. If your flight hour is earlier than the beginning of your tour, you can organize an activity for your waiting time and leave your baggage at one of our offices to have a free city tour.

Our team will have completed all preparations necessary for the yacht until the tour beginning hour and you will start your cruise. Our responsibilities do not end when you take your step on the chartered yacht.  You can state your every kind of demand during your chartering duration to your customer representative directly or via yachtsman.

At the end of charter time, one of our vehicles come to take you from the yacht and brings you to airport for transfer, if it is planned beforehand.

Our every guest that returns home safely and happily is a source of pride for Ariva Yachting…

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