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Yacht Charter Management

You only go to holiday with your yacht for a few weeks a year, and want to receive income by renting it out ?

Ariva Yachting can charter your yacht out in times you do not use your yacht and you can obtain a good income in this way in addition of improving your yacht’s name in the market to increase the sales value.

Ariva Yachting successfully charters out the yachts within its body to customers from all over the world thanks to its extremely professional expert sales employees who can speak more than one foreign language, internet channels, advertisements and promotions, other international chartering agencies and exhibition introductions. Ariva, which is one of the leading companies in yacht charter field, can introduce and market your yacht successfully.


First of all please inform us shortly about your yacht generally and your contact information by using the form below. In the shortest time we will contact you and learn your yacht’s technical details, your expectations and our working conditions.

All information including every detail will be shared with you if you contact us, but you can also examine the possible working conditions below to form an opinion.

Alternative 1 -  After all necessary information is provided and periodic chartering prices are determined, a “central agency” agreement is made for a certain duration with Ariva Yachting. In this situation only Ariva Yachting becomes responsible from the marketing, introduction and chartering services of your yacht. Yacht owner or any other chartering agency cannot rent out the yacht independently from Ariva Yachting; customer and connections are directly directed to Ariva Yachting. In this system your yacht personnel may continue its duties and personnel change can be provided to increase the service quality by Ariva if such a need occurs.  Costs which may occur during chartering periods are decided with yacht owner during the agreement and obligations of the parties are determined. A certain percentage is paid during the reservation for each yacht charter  which becomes definite, and the remaining amount is paid to you after tour is completed. This is the system in which yacht owner obtains the highest profit with minimum risk and efforts, without need to deal with employee and maintenance management personally.

Alternative 2 -  A yacht under management of you or a company which is employed by you, is chartered out by Ariva Yachting with ask - sell system. Ariva Yachting markets the dates which are available on your reservation schedule according to prices determined with you to customers and makes payment to you. In this system all the responsibility regarding the yacht, personnel and all other costs belong to yacht owner. In this situation ask-sell system will be used therefore new charter contracts are made for each different chartering.

Alternative 3 - We can charter your yacht for whole season as Ariva Yachting. In this situation you will get a definite charter price for the season and you will not be affected whether customers charter it for a number of weeks or not. The only negative aspect of this alternative is, having a lower profit in long-term chartering than the other alternatives. But personnel, port, fuel and other routine costs will belong to Ariva.


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