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Let’s start with your yacht charter destination. It is the Eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean and Adriatic where through the long weeks of summer, the sky is as blue as the sea and the water warm, even after the sun goes down, and there is a critical point about life on a luxury yacht. You don’t have to return to port at the end of the day like day trippers. You can anchor in a secluded cove, with the only sound the water lapping against the hull.

There are a number of standard itineraries that are based upon our experience of clients enjoying the best of the Greek Islands or the Turquoise Coast which mixes the South West Turkish Mainland with these Islands. Shorter trips may not travel too far but each region has plenty of attractions within a fairly small area. You may have ideas about where you want to go. Equally, you may be looking for advice from us, and we are happy to offer it, pointing out the main features of each of our standard itineraries.

In recent years, Turkey has become extremely popular with tourists in search of the sun. The regular region flights into the international airports of South West Turkey have made its resorts very accessible. Places like Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and Antalya all welcome significant number of visitors throughout the long summer months, and each of these places can be included on a yacht charter itinerary.

The Greek Islands in the Aegean are very popular, especially with tourists from other parts of Europe. The beauty of having a yacht charter vacation is that you have the facility of calling on several of those islands during your holiday. Rhodes, Symi and Kos are regularly put together in an itinerary, along with parts of the Turkish Mainland, typically the Bodrum and Datca Peninsulas or the area around Marmaris.

The largest of the Dodecanese Islands is Rhodes, close to the South West Coast of Turkey. We can combine a visit to Rhodes, nearby Symi and Kos with time in Turkey, perhaps Marmaris, Datca or Bodrum? At a local level, the tourist industries of Greece and Turkey are great friends and you can experience two lovely countries in one luxury charter yacht vacation.

The Cyclades has two particularly popular holiday islands, Santorini and Mykonos yet in some ways its focus is an uninhabited island, Delos which is regarded as sacred. Mythology tells us that the islands were formed when Poseidon, the God of the Sea became angry with the sea nymphs and turned them into stone. Apollo and Artemis were said to have been born on Delos and no one is allowed to give birth or die there.

The Saronic Islands are close to the Greek Mainland and its capital, Athens. As a result of their location, they receive many Greek holidaymakers as well as those from further afield.  Our standard charter yacht itineraries include the best of the islands as well as a chance to see Athens. If you approach us as a group and can hire the whole yacht, we can agree a bespoke itinerary with you with the only real constraint being time.

The final set of islands in the Aegean are the Ionian Islands west of the Greek Mainland. They include Corfu which was arguably the first Greek Island to attract mass tourism, Kefalonia, the largest and Lefkas which is joined to the Greek Mainland via a bridge.

The Adriatic Sea is a great place for a luxury yacht charter. Adriatic Coastline is increasingly popular with Montenegro and Croatia firmly on the tourist map. With your own luxury yacht charter, you can anchor anywhere and enjoy the lovely beaches in the region. The main destinations for yacht charter are Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, Kotor and Tivat.

You have plenty of flight choices into this region, with charter flights from most regional airports in Europe throughout the period from spring until the end of October. If you want us to arrange your transfers to the yacht on arrival and return you for your flight home, then that is no problem. You can leave home in most parts of Europe in the morning and be on board to see that great sunset

Forget about these cruise liners that take a host of passengers from port to port in various parts of the world. A luxury yacht charter is much more personal and intimate than that. You may have a group of you that wants to take a charter holiday together and takes the whole yacht. In that case, you will obviously all know each other and can actually, within reason, get a bespoke itinerary that is practical in terms of balancing time with proposed destinations.

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