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Yacht Charter Adriatic

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Adriatic

The Adriatic has always been a stunning region. While it was the Italian Coast that attracted the major numbers while there was an element of turmoil in the Balkans, that turmoil is long gone. An increasing number of tourists are looking at the Croatia and Montenegro Coasts with their huge number of lovely islands. Charter flights from most regions of Europe fly regularly into airports on the Eastern Shores of the Adriatic. They bring holidaymakers wanting the sun, nice beaches and warm waters. Our luxury yacht charters provide that and much more. There is a rich history to experience, lovely cuisine from locally sourced produce and the flexibility that does not come from staying at a single base.

Montenegro is just north of Albania and although it has a fairly small coastline, it is sheltered with Kotor being the most popular of its yacht charter marinas. There is a rich history here, long before it became part of Yugoslavia and then an independent country. That history includes the Greeks and Romans, the Byzantines and Ottomans as well as the Venetians who were an important trading state for many years.

Their marks have been left so that those cruising the Montenegro Coast. Kotor for example is a UNESCO World Heritage site largely because of the classic architecture built between the 12th and 14th Centuries. 

When it comes to an itinerary, we have standard charter yacht itineraries that take in the highlights of Montenegro. You are welcome to book a berth on one of those charters and make new friends. We have experienced captain and crew who look after everything for you. You just need to relax and enjoy yourself. 

If you intend to travel as a group and can hire the whole yacht for your luxury yacht charter holiday, we can plan the bespoke itinerary together. There may be some constraints on time but little else. We can take into accounts your thoughts and ideas to devise an itinerary to suit your interests and leave the final decisions to you. 

Further north, the Croatian coast is 1,800 kilometres long with a vast number of islands. There are several well-known holiday resorts on the Croatian coast; just think Split and Dubrovnik for a start.  There is much to see and do in towns like this before you return to your yacht at night to enjoy a lovely sunset before dinner. 

The islands of Croatia sometimes come in groups so you can change location regularly without sailing too far.  Alternatively, if your holiday is long enough you may enjoy covering a wider region and limit the number of times you visit the Mainland. 

When people mention the Adriatic, they inevitably have positive thoughts. If you have yet to visit this lovely region, you are missing something. Let us introduce it to you by inviting you aboard one of our luxury yacht charters for your next holiday. The weather is good from spring right around to the return of winter; we await your call. 


  • The Beautiful Adriatic Coast Location
  • Warm and Settled Weather
  • Its Historical Riches
  • The Cuisine with Great Fresh Fish


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Fly to: Dubrovnik has it own airport with charter flights from all parts of Europe as soon as the holiday season opens. Flight Time is 3 hours from the UK.

Fly to: Podgorica International Airport has the most choice but there are other alternatives. Tivat Airport has summer charter flights from most regions of Europe while Dubrovnik Airport is just over the border in Croatia and provides another option. Flight times from the UK are around 3 hours in each case. 

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