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Yacht Charter Sibenik

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Sibenik

The Croatian Coast has much to offer. The Adriatic has become increasingly popular with sailors and not surprisingly, yacht charter holidays are in great demand. One of the best ports of departure is sibenik, a city north of Split from where you can cruise the warm Adriatic, calling in to islands as well as other parts of the Croatian mainland. A charter gives you the freedom to enjoy the lovely environment while an experienced captain and crew look after your every need.

Sibenik itself is famous for the St. James Cathedral which has UNESCO World Heritage status. It was begun in 1431 but took just over a century before it was finally completed. Its first mention in history was in the 11th Century when it was the seat of the King. It is the oldest town on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. The Venetians spent three centuries here and they have left their mark in churches and palaces. In addition, it was situated at the boundary between Christianity and Islam with the Ottomans seeking a move further north.  As a direct result there are four impressive fortresses to see St. Michael, St. John, Šubićaevac and St. Nicholas which were built as a defence.

With your own luxury yacht charter, you can anchor anywhere and enjoy the lovely beaches in the region. There are islands fairly close by, Zlarin and Prvic both of which are worth visiting. The archipelago has almost 250 islands, reefs and islets, largely north west of the City of Sibenik. 

There are two National Parks, with Krka known for its waterfalls and Kornati, an archipelago of around 150 small islands. With the independence of a yacht charter, you can explore at will. The Krka National Park is just over 100 square kilometres and covers the final stretch of two Croatian Rivers, the Krka and the Cikola. It is a well-preserved environment that is able to cater for tourists. One feature of the Krka is its waterfalls and the Park’s formation was official recognition of its importance.  Its management is in Sibenik itself. 

Kornati is just 35 kilometres long and 14 wide and navigating between the numerous islands is a challenge for a novice but not an experienced captain such as Ariva Yachting employs. It was founded in 1965 and visitors have been enjoying the area ever since. There are olive groves across the islands but today, just a single vineyard. Today, tourists are far more important to the islanders than agriculture. 

Zlarin has less than 300 inhabitants in the winter but that increases many times over during the holiday season. It is very well preserved, covered in pine and cypress, figs, olives and rosemary. Even with the increase in numbers in the summer, it is a relaxing place. Tijat is uninhabited though in the months of summer, yachts tend to select it because it is sheltered from most winds. 

Prvić is the natural continuation of Zlarin with many underwater shallows, a reef and the islet of Lupac. There is a small population of farmers and fishermen and it is another great place to relax. 

Nearby Vodice is a mainland town that has developed into resort with 10,000 inhabitants. By land it is just 11 kilometres from Sibenik. Excavations have revealed that the Romans were here, and that the first settlement dates back to the 4th Century BC. There are several nice beaches on this stretch of mainland.

Your yacht vacation can be tailored to your exact wishes if you are hiring the whole yacht. If there is a group of you, friends or family, you can talk to us at Ariva Yachting and we will give you some ideas about the places around Sibenik that may interest you all. We provide an experienced captain and crew to look after you and guide you along the itinerary. There are few better experiences than sitting with a glass of wine or a cold beer watching the sun go down while dinner is being prepared. If this article has whetted your appetite, why not get in touch with Ariva Yachting and we will happily answer all your questions? A unique experience awaits. 

St. James Cathedral

The City of Sibenik has 45,000 people and 24 churches, the most impressive being this Cathedral. It is arguably the most impressive piece of 15th and 16th Century architecture in Croatia. It was built on the site of an old Roman Church and took a century to build. There is no bonding component; it is just stone. It was bombed in the 1990s, damaging the dome which then needed repair. It has 70 sculptures of ordinary people inside, the first cathedral in Europe to do that.


One of the challenges centuries ago was to create a water system in cities. In the case of Sibenik, it was a series of reservoirs built in the 15th Century. The Bunari (Wells) are now dry and the area has become a place with a museum, gallery and café. Exhibits include details of shipwrecks on the coast, prominent people of the past and historical treasures. There are refreshments for visitors. There is often entertainment as well with stand-up comedy and concerts for anyone enjoying a show.

Medieval Monastery St. Lawrence Garden

Dragutin Kis created this lovely garden that opened just a decade ago. It is an oblong above the belfry of St. Lawrence Church, surrounded by stone walls, and is maintained by local school children. There is a huge range of plants, including spices and plants used for medicinal purposes. There is a lovely view over the old port and relaxing there with the pleasant odours of the plants has become a popular tourist past time. The aim is to show how a medieval garden might have looked and roses and fruit trees help to add to its colour.


  • The Beautiful Adriatic Coast Location
  • Warm and Settled Weather throughout the Summer
  • Its Historical Riches
  • Delicious Healthy Cuisine


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The sailing season in the Adriatic is long and warm. Spring is mild but temperatures then start to rise, and even after sunset they remain pleasant. Rain is very unlikely, but the odd shower might actually be quite refreshing on a hot day unless you are tempted by the clear, blue waters. 


The language is Croatian but English is understood in tourist areas.

The Kuna comes at about 8.5 to £ Sterling

Sibenik is an hour behind UK time all year around. 

Fly to: Sibenik has its own airport and visitors can fly direct on some charters but may select elsewhere in Croatia when touring. Flight time is 3 hours.


D-Marin Mandalina can hold superyachts up to 140 metres long. It has the service and maintenance infrastructure to match. 79 of the 429 berths are especially designed for super yachts and catamarans are accommodated as well. 

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