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Yacht Charter Tivat

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Tivat

There is no doubt that the popularity of the Bay of Kotor has had a real positive effect on Tivat. It was formerly a fairly unattractive town on Montenegro’s coast but now it is quite an impressive departure point for luxury yacht charter holidays. To be fair, communist buildings tended to be grey and practical but they no longer make much of an impact in the town. Those communist days are forgotten and the beauty of the region has resulted in tourists not only happy to visit Tivat, but those deciding on a yacht charter in the Adriatic appreciating Tivat as well.

It has a natural marina, several interesting buildings and the proximity of the airport means it is a natural starting point for a yacht vacation. You can fly one morning from most parts of Europe and be on board later in the day. Incidentally, Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia is extremely close as well, though there is a border crossing to make to reach Tivat and start your charter on the Adriatic.

If you are travelling in a group you may be able to take the whole yacht in which case you can talk to us about a bespoke itinerary. Ariva Yachting has been doing that for years. There are practical issues relating to clients’ ideas based upon the distances they want to travel and the time available. There is no point in rushing on a yacht charter when one of its real beauties is the chance to relax. 

There are several places to consider visiting; Kotor, Budva and Lustica Peninsula are among them. In addition, there is Porto Montenegro which is rivalling such iconic marinas as Puerto Banus in Spain, St. Tropez in France and Monte Carlo. It is the deepest natural harbour in Southern Europe and there are plenty of billionaires happy to take advantage of that with their superyachts. It is worth a visit, but why linger when there is so much natural beauty whichever way you head.

Kotor, which gives its name to the Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has classical architecture dating back to the time when Venetians and Austrians occupied the area. Add to that the stunning mountains surrounding it and you must spend some time there. There is so much about the region that will remind Norwegians of their fjords but there is one major difference; the water temperature is such that it is difficult to resist the temptation to dive in. And why shouldn’t you because you are on holiday in a beautiful place? The climate through the long weeks of summer is predictable; it will be warm with many hours of sunshine each day.

Budva has developed as a popular tourist resort, aided by its lovely beaches. It is often regarded as the central point of the "Budvanska Rivijera" and has few equals when it comes to the numbers it attracts, the majority from Eastern Europe and Russia. It is growing quickly, if somewhat haphazardly. The Old Town is on a small island and has defensive ramparts dating back to the 15th Century. 

Lustica is the place of legends. There are stories of pirates years ago and today’s peninsula is renowned for its olive groves, fish, prosciutto and the number of churches. There are many quiet bays and with the independence and flexibility of a yacht charter, you can choose which ones you want to enjoy by anchoring and swimming. 

It is a peaceful place where time goes slowly. The fishermen may be mending their nets while the women go about their daily work. There are a number of villages with the houses made of stone; Zabrdje in the south east is the highest point of the peninsula from where the views of the Bay of Kotor and the Dinaric Alps are wonderful. They will certainly have you reaching for your camera. 

We are sure that if you have never had a holiday charter on the Adriatic before, you will enjoy every minute. We can arrange everything for you, and even arrange airport transfers to and from your yacht. It is over to you. 

Island of Flowers

This small island just off Tivat is just 300 metres long and 200 metres wide. There is evidence of settlers here during the Bronze Age in the years well before Christ. The name comes from the range of vegetation on the island though there was some destruction in the 1990s from refugees. Its other name is Miholska Previaka honours the ancient monastery of St. Archangel Michael that dates back to the 6th Century. To date only the cells and a small church has been restored; there is more work to do. Today, only 3 monks live in the Monastery.

Plavi Horizonti Beach

This is the best beach in Tivat Municipality, well sheltered and surrounded by pine forest and olive groves. The sand is fine and the sea gets slowly deeper and you walk out. There are good amenities available for tourists including loungers, umbrellas and changing facilities. Children have a playground while there is a bar and restaurant offering refreshments. It is likely to be crowded during the high season, especially at weekends. If all you want to do is sun bathe then make use of the rock plateaus behind the beach and look across the beautiful waters.

Gornja Lastva

This small village is around 300 metres above the sea on the slopes up to Vrmac. The views from the village across the Bay make the hike worthwhile, although you can drive most of the way if you wish. It was a settlement in ancient times so there are stone buildings and ruins. Much is deserted but some of the most prominent houses from the 19th Century are in excellent condition. The olive mill is from that time and still used today while St. Mary’s Church, a 14th Century building, is also worth some time because of its impressive contents. Another church actually is much older; St. Vid’s was built in the 9th Century.


  • Impressive Sheltered Coastline
  • Warm Weather through the Long Weeks of Summer
  • Great Medieval Monuments
  • Cuisine from Fresh Local Produce


Speak to your Charter Broker


Tivat has a typical Mediterranean climate warm and dry throughout the summer season.  Tourists enjoying sailing in warm and calm conditions with light casual clothing all that they will need to pack.


Montenegrin is the local language while English is likely to be understood and spoken anywhere that tourists wish to go. 

The official currency is the Euro. 

Tivat is one hour ahead of the UK. 

Fly to: Tivat Airport has summer charter flights from most regions of Europe with flight time from the UK around 3 hours. 


Porto Montenegro is an ultra-modern marina with 450 berths including the ability to handle large super yachts. There are excellent facilities; repair and maintenance, fuel and wi-fi.

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