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Yacht Charter in Symi Island

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Symi Island

Symi is one of the Dodecanese Islands just a short distance off the Datca Peninsula of Turkey. It has a fairly small population but the numbers are boosted quite significantly by summer tourism. We include Symi in many of our standard yacht charter itineraries and they are an excellent way to enjoy the Island. It does not have an airport and the most common way for holidaymakers to get there is by ferry from Rhodes which is 40 kilometres to the east. If you book a luxury yacht charter vacation with us, you have no problems of access.

The traditional port enhances the approach to the Island. The houses sit on the slopes behind the harbour; as you sail in you may think you are looking at a photograph but your eyes are not lying; it is totally real. The buildings are all protected to ensure they will be there for others to see in the future.

Symi’s history dates back to Byzantine times when it was known for ship building, sponge fishing and wine. Indeed, there were 120 wine presses across this fairly small island and today some have been reconstructed. It is a very pleasant walk through cypress trees near Kourkouniotis to see them.

The harbour area is known as Gialos where the colourful two and three storey houses surround the water. The colours range from indigo to terracotta with red roofs and small balconies. There is a clock tower, a statue of a fisher boy welcoming arrivals, the ‘’Dove of Peace’’ statue that acts as a war memorial and a stone bridge linking the two sides of the harbour. There is a cathedral and a small maritime museum to admire.

Chorió is the village area behind, accessed up 500 steps. There are narrow streets, tree shade, small churches and a central square to relax with a coffee, wine or ouzo. Above there are the remnants of a castle built by the Knights of St. John in the 14th Century, the Knights expanding an original Byzantine structure.

The interior of Symi has villages and small valleys some running down to lovely coves where you can anchor during your yacht charter holiday.  You should make times for Symi’s monasteries, Panagia Altheini, Panagia Myrtariotissa, Michail Roukouniotis and probably the most famous, the monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis from the 18th Century with its impressive early 20th Century bell tower.

There are plenty of beaches and with the flexibility of your luxury yacht charter, you will have no problem getting to any of them. In each case, the warm blue water laps against the sand or small pebbles. 

Symi is famous for its seafood, especially its small shrimps. Perhaps you can even fish from your yacht to try to catch dinner? It is just one of a huge number of experiences we can offer on our yacht charters.  We are happy to answer queries at any time and it costs you nothing to make an enquiry. It could be the start of something that leads to a memorable holiday?

Symi Town

There is more than a splash of colour in Symi Port. Many Greek islands have white houses with colourful doors; not Symi Town. You will see many coloured buildings, exotic colours like peach and apricot with the houses looking out over the small harbor. The buildings generally date back to the 19th Century and look out over the sea. If you can manage 500 steps, you will reach the ruins of the acropolis. There are some lovely restaurants selling the freshest of seafood, caught just hours before. 


The most famous landmark on Symi is the Archangel Michael Panormitis Monastery on the south west coast. It dates back to the 15th Century and looks down on the Bay of the same name. It seems that it was built on the site of an even older religious building. There are some lovely wall paintings and wood carvings, as well as two small museums. The setting of mountains, sea and monastery is stunning. A bell tower was added to the monastery in 1905 and the monks are happy to invite visitors inside this important religious site.

Symi Beaches

Symi is fairly small but it does have a number of beautiful beaches. Some are not too accessible but the effort to get there is worth it. There are sandy beaches and some which have small pebbles but all have one thing in common; the warm, clear, blue sea. Some have refreshment facilities and you should check locally which they are. Here are some of the names to look out for: Faneromeni, Agios Vassilios, Nimporios, Maroni, Nos, Agio Georgios, Agios Nikolaos, Pedi, Toli Bay, Nanou and Marathounta.


  • Pleasant small holiday island
  • Greek cuisine
  • Warm weather for many months each year
  • Historical sites.


Speak to your Charter Broker


Greek is the language on Symi although English is understood.

Symi’s currency is the Euro

Symi is one hour behind the UK.

Fly to: Symi is accessed by ferry with flights available either to the Greek Island of Rhodes or the Turkish Mainland; Bodrum or Dalaman. Flights into the region from the UK are just over 4 hours. 


There is limited capacity for mooring in the Town with the pier often the best alternative. 

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