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Yacht Charter Mediterranean

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean has always had a lovely climate. In winter, it is rarely very cold but once it recedes, the region is revealed as a sunny and warm area with huge appeal to tourists, and not just because of the climate. The cuisine is recognised as amongst the healthiest in the world and the stories of the Greek, Roman and Ottoman Empires are just part of these lands rich history. We are centrally located in the Eastern Mediterranean and our luxury yacht charters offer clients the opportunity to experience different parts of countries like Turkey and Greece, and even further afield.
The charter flight schedules other than in the winter mean that tourists can reach the region from all parts of Europe with even those as far away as the UK never more than 4 hours away. Holidaymakers can leave home in the morning and be on their yacht charters later the same day. 

Charter yacht vacations are becoming increasingly popular because of the experiences that others have had. The message that even first – time sailors regularly post is that they have vivid memories of a holiday that included colour, service, comfort and flexibility. The Mediterranean is full of interesting islands while the Turkish Mainland has rich content that is attracting increasing numbers of visitors.

We are happy to talk to you about the area that we cover on our luxury charter yachts. We offer a number of standard itineraries going through some of the Greek Islands as well as visiting major places on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, with Ephesus a prominent historical site on Turkey’s west coast and Antalya a modern but extremely interesting city looking south from Turkey, across the Mediterranean towards Africa. Between the two there are many reminders of history ranging from the Greeks and Romans to the Lycians and their famous tombs.

Some tourists seek little more than the sunshine when they take their annual holidays; top priority is a suntan, and there is nothing wrong with that.  It is something you can be guaranteed without too much effort in the Mediterranean. If you take a yacht charter holiday, our packages offer a captain and crew to look after your every need while you can relax on the deck and develop that sun tan. Service includes all your meals and with the flexibility we offer, you can put the anchor down and swim on a regular basis.  There are no crowds around. If you want to sail as a group, you can take a whole yacht charter and discuss possible bespoke itineraries with us.

Get in touch and we will offer you the chance to enjoy the Mediterranean with us. It costs you nothing to make an enquiry and it might just be the beginning of a great adventure for you, your family or your friends. 

  • Warm Weather from Spring onwards
  • Delicious Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Historical reminders of the Past
  • Beautiful and Isolated Beaches


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Once winter recedes, the climate that these Islands enjoy is excellent. Most days are cloudless and the chance of rain virtually non-existent. In the height of summer, temperatures soar well through the 30s each day while at night, the hours are pleasantly warm until the sun rises again.

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