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Yacht Charter in Santorini Island

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Santorini Island

Santorini is the youngest volcanic island in the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean. It is actually a group of small islands formed by volcanic activity in the south of the Cyclades. Jacques Cousteau actually led an expedition to its waters in the hope of finding Atlantis. He didn`t and neither will you, put if decide to join us on a yacht charter vacation, we can offer you a whole range of great experiences.

There are many people who understood the joys of sailing at a young age. Others have found the pleasures of the sea more recently. There are few better places to enjoy a luxury yacht charter holiday than in the Aegean. The weather from springtime right around to the return of winter is lovely; little rain in the long weeks of summer, blue skies, warm seas and high temperatures. Even at night, you can sit on the deck in shorts and T shirt in complete comfort. There are few greater experiences than enjoying a drink on board as the sun sets awaiting dinner.

When it comes to Santorini, the colours of the landscape are such that you are certain to have an album full of great photographs at the end of your holiday. The views from higher ground on Santorini are worth the effort to climb uphill.

You are still in an active volcanic area with the crater under the sea at a depth of 400 metres; the caldera is one of Santorini’s gems. The last significant eruption was 3,600 years ago and it destroyed the existing civilisation though excavations have revealed ruins at Akrotiri.

Santorini has become a popular place for romance, weddings and honeymoons. Perhaps that has given you an idea because a honeymoon cruising the Aegean is surely a great way to start married life? If all you want to do on holiday is relax then Santorini is for you.

You can call in to Santorini’s settlements during your yacht charter. The capital, Fira, is high on the edge of the caldera while many of the villages have archaeological content from ancient times. They also often have vineyards with the local production ideal for serving with the great cuisine available. Santorini is well-known for its cherry tomatoes, goat cheese known as “hloró tyrí”, eggplants and capers. 

Your yacht is spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. You may like the white sandy beaches with the contrast of colour with the blue sea but you have a choice; some of them have red or black sand while others are small volcanic pebbles. The choice is yours on your luxury yacht charter, and your captain and crew will look after your every need.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about a yacht holiday in Santorini in the Aegean. We promise to do so promptly and will be at your service from the moment you make contact until the day you leave our yacht charters at the end of a memorable experience.


The views from the caldera side are stunning; you could sit and take them in for hours but there is much more to Fira. The tourist infrastructure is excellent and the cable car, more like a ski lift allows visitors to enjoy the lovely setting. If you are really fit you can walk up to the summit, with a third choice being a donkey ride! The Archaeological Museum provides plenty of information on Santorini and its history. There are some smaller museums as well and plenty of bars and restaurants. Seek out the ones where the locals eat. 

Red Beach

Red Beach is the most famous of Santorini’s beaches. It is near to the historical site of Akrotiri and because it is fairly small, it does give the impression of being crowded. It is overlooked by a headland where many tourists stay to enjoy the lovely setting, with the red and black rocks. Access is fairly simple with just a short walk from the car park. The overwhelming feeling is one of the colours of the cliffs. It makes snorkelling in the clear waters even more interesting than normal. If you want an alternative way to get to Red Beach, there is a short boat ride from Akrotiri Port. 


The roots of this village date back to the 17th Century; the inhabitants in those days lived in caves in the narrow ravine through which a stream runs. By the 19th Century, it was home to sea captains. ‘’Karteri’’ means ambush point and it was a place where locals sought to turn the tables on pirates. The houses from those times remain, with a commemorative plaque in the village square remembering those killed in World War II. Karterados Is just a 15-minute walk from Fira though there are buses that you may prefer to take on hot days. 


  • Beautiful beaches and a warm sea.
  • Delicious Greek cuisine
  • Warm holiday weather
  • Historical and natural sites


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Greek is the language on Santorini though English is widely understood.

Santorini’s currency is the Euro

Santorini is one hour behind the UK all year round.

Fly to: Santorini airport has limited capacity although there are flight options to other airports in the region, both Greek and Turkish.


Vlychada Marina 20 minutes by road from Fira has facilities for yachts. It is regularly dredged to remove silt, with a shallow draft of 2.5/3 metres. 

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