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Yacht Charter in Lefkada Island

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Lefkas Island

Lefkada lies off the west coast of Greece and is connected to the Mainland by road. That certainly helps because there is no airport on the island yet the road trip from the nearest airport in Greece is only half an hour away. If you take a luxury yacht charter holiday, it is the sea that is the main attraction. Lefkas is just one of a number of Greek Islands that we know well and over the years, we have rightly gained a reputation for offering excellent yacht charter vacations. We would love to think that you would consider joining the database of happy clients that bear testimony to the quality of our service.

The Aegean is a lovely place for a yacht charter. Lefkas is one of the Ionian Islands just south of Corfu. Despite the proximity of the Mainland, the clear blue sea takes your mind off land immediately. The Town of Lefkada is full of coloured houses with equally colourful roofs. It looks like a palette full of different colours. Add the blue sea, the white sand and the traditional tavernas and you can imagine yourself in paradise.

There are plenty of water sports for those who want to be active but relaxing on deck as your luxury yacht charter glides slowly through the waters. It is even more special as the sun begins to go down and fills the skies with more colour as the crew prepare dinner. The mountain backdrop almost makes the setting look like the fjords except the weather in the Aegean is always warm to hot during the yachting season, and still pleasant after dark.

Tourism is an important contributor to the economy, the most important in fact, but fishing still ensure that the seafood served for dinner is superb. There used to be a famous neighbour; Aristotle Onassis used to own nearby Scorpios and Sparti. That immediately raised the profile of Lefkas as well. Scorpios is still a private island, now owned by a Russian oligarch but there is nothing to see or do there that we cannot show you elsewhere.

The western shores of Lefkas are stunning; it is less sheltered yet these waters are equally great. Deep blue is the overwhelming colour and the fishing villages are a delight. You can try your hand at fishing yourself if you like because the waters are rich. 

One place on land that offers lovely views is the monastery of Phaneromeni which was built on the top of a hill above Lefkas Town. The photographs that you take from there will be amongst the most memorable in your album of your yacht charter vacation.

We will be more than happy to discuss this further with you. If you have sailed these seas before, you will be able to imagine the great experience that awaits. If you are a ‘’first-time’’ sailor, we will try to paint the picture for you and leave it to you to make a decision. 

Lefkas Town

The Town is on the north east coast of the island connected to the Greek Mainland by a bridge. It has some lovely beaches and an excellent tourist infrastructure. In addition, there are festivals at different times of the year; the International Festival of Folklore and Dance and the Festival of Literature and Art are both well-attended. It has one of the best philharmonic orchestras in the whole of Greece. It is a popular tourist town but it has not lost the relaxing feeling of a typical Greek town. 


This lovely coastal village is just a short distance south of Lefkada Town and when you sit down in a local restaurant to eat, make sure you order seafood. It only has 750 inhabitants and most of them enjoy fishing. The houses inevitably have beautiful and colourful gardens, a splash of pink and purple often. The water is warm, blue and clear with the soft sand an inviting place for children. The harbour is usually full of fishing boats, except of course when they are out at sea catching your dinner. 

Karya Village

Karya is a mountain village, the centre of lace and embroidery. It sits at 500 metres, just 8 kms from Lefkas Town in a region of forests. There is a large square surrounded by trees with a single large plane tree dominating.  Many lace shops offer lovely products while the narrow streets and traditional stone houses are a delight. It is a pleasure just sitting and enjoying the surroundings, perhaps with a coffee or even an ouzo that the locals drink?  The old monastery of St. George is worth a visit while you are there because of its lovely 17th Century frescoes.


  • Beautiful climate
  • Warm waters and pleasant beaches
  • Tasty cuisine
  • Historic attractions


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Greek is the language on Lefkas while English is widely understood in tourist areas.

Lefkas’ currency is the Euro

Lefkas is one hour behind the UK. 

Fly to: The airport of Aktion/ Preveza on the Greek Mainland, about 25 km from Lefkas Town operates charters in the many weeks of the season. Flight time to get to Lefkas is around 4 hours from the UK. 


Lefkas Marina is an all year-round facility has room for 620 yachts up to 40 metres in length for stern berthing, 45 metres for berthing alongside; draft 4 metres. There is the latest in repair and maintenance services. The dry dock can take an additional 280 boats.

Luxury Yacht Charter Route and Itineraries from Lefkada

Lefkada or Levkas is the capital of the island of Lefkas, located in the North East where a causeway and swing bridge joins the Island to the Mainland of Greece. Lefkas fulfils a few functions including the centre of commerce as well as the top tourist location. If you want a quiet time, perhaps you should move on to some of the small villages on the Island? Otherwise there are plenty of bars and restaurants with information packs providing more detail.

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