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Luxury Yacht Charter Planner

Ariva Yachting prepares yacht charter alternatives which can suit all of your demands with its personnel which specializes in private luxurious yacht charter, and presents to your taste.  In opposition to fixed programs of passenger ships, each detail in private yacht charter can be shaped according to your dreams.  But each yacht may not be suitable for each location or program. Therefore, in order to determine the correct / suitable yacht, you need to evaluate your demands step by step. Please never forget, dreams have no boundaries in luxury yacht charter.

What kind of yacht ?

What kind of yacht you would like to charter? A luxury gulet, motor yacht or sail? After determining the yacht type, you need to state the number of people and how many yacht cabins you will need. Stating the number of single people, couples and children will help us in finding the best possible alternatives.

Then you can share every possible detail you would like to see in the yacht you rent. Although it is a really difficult job that requires lots of time to find a yacht that suits all details by eliminating hundreds of yachts in the internet ocean, it is easy for us to present the best yacht alternatives in the shortest time as we know all the yachts for charter in the region to their tiniest details.

If you have a budget plan please share it with us so that we won’t waste time with alternatives unsuitable to your budget.

Which Region, How Much Time

Ariva Yachting offers luxury yacht charter services with full technical equipments which can cruise every region in the international waters.  Therefore the only limit of your wishes about cruising at any region is your dreams.  The most important criteria here is having enough time to go/return to/from the region you want in terms of dates or whether the next and previous tours of the yachts which you demand start / end at nearby ports.

If you have no idea about the route, our sales representatives will inform you about the most popular and most beautiful routes.

Although we anticipate the minimum charter time as one week for an enjoyable journey in luxury  yacht charter, there is no time limit. But under some situations, renting for less than one week is subject to different price policies.  But there is no limitation in renting for longer terms.  When making long-range route plans, it is necessary to calculate for how many hours a yacht can cruise at which speed a day, in maximum.

What kind of holiday ?

Yachts are not just vehicles that provide sea transportation between two locations. We can examine the holiday themes you can experience in the yacht you charter, under many titles.  Would you like a holiday for your family away from stress which includes swimming a lot, or a time travel to historical and archeological areas?  Or to make a combination with the most beautiful coves and coastal towns, to visit new places and have a rest? In addition to abovementioned main themes, many themes can be applied for yacht charters such as company organizations, yoga tours, cruise and golf combined tours, movie shooting, weddings, etc.

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