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Yacht Brokerage

As one of the most known companies of the region in yachting sector, Ariva Yachting will be happy to help you in new and secondhand yacht sales.

Today, the yachts built in Turkey are exported to whole world. If you wish, you can leave your purchased yacht at famous seaports such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and Antalya; come for holiday whenever you wish or rent it under our management for commercial purposes.

You can examine the yachts for sale section of our web site or make a demand from us to recommend the most suitable yacht for sale to you by stating your demands and budget.

Ariva Yachting will also help you in terms of wood, paint, metal parts, mechanical parts, sail equipments, restoration and winter maintenance workmanship or yacht equipments in scope of your current or future yachts with the most economical price choices and in application processes.


You already have a yacht and you want to sell it? Ariva Yachting can list your yacht for sale at its web site for free and you can make sure it is sold as soon as possible with our help by adding as many photos, videos and technical details as you want.


If you are going to purchase a new or secondhand yacht, our company does not require any commission from you.

Performing all paper works, official procedures and negotiations with the yacht owner during yacht sale processes are the duties of Ariva Yachting.

A deposit determined at specific rates must be paid to start the sale processes after finding  a yacht with features you demand and coming to an agreement in the price. After sale procedures with notary approval and all formalities are completed, the rest of the payment is transferred to bank account of yacht owner.

In parallel with your decision, after purchase procedures are completed, if the yacht is going to stay in Turkey Ariva Yaching can track and organize other required processes. If you want to bring your yacht to another country, we want you to know that we can also help in cargo subject.


It is indispensable to purchase the best yacht alternative with the best prices and the difference of Ariva Yachting, thanks to our advantage of being in this sector for long years and knowing all details about yachts, including the tiniest details.

You can examine the yachts for sale which are published on our web site or contact us if you have different demands.

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