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New Yacht Construction

Ariva Yachting central office is located at Bodrum region, where world’s most beautiful wooden yachts are built. Also our activities in Bozburun region which made a name for itself with luxurious and quality yacht production in the recent years and Antalya and Istanbul regions that produces motor yachts and mega yachts make sure that we provide you with the most suitable alternatives in yacht construction field.

As Ariva Yachting we will be happy to share our ideas with you in your new yacht construction project and give the best support we can give to help you reach your dream yacht. We would like to point out at this stage that buying a new yacht and having a yacht constructed have serious differences.

Firstly, we must determine for what purpose you will use the yacht you are going to build? Such as constructing a yacht with special design, long-range cruises, comfort, speed, commercial chartering purposes.. Technical details, budget and time which are necessary in parallel with your preferences are determined to start the yacht construction. But another important subject which we would like to state is that yacht construction will take some time and it is not possible within a few weeks or months. And budget subject is relative. The higher quality and more special equipments you demand for each detail, the budget will increase proportionally.


The most characteristic feature that differentiate special production yachts and serial production yachts is that, each of them is unique. Although their appearances are similar, details in the interior section make each yacht different from each other and special. Moreover, some technical features can be changed or improved by considering the yachts which were built before and those with deficiencies. We can surely say that your yacht will be perfectly built thanks to the fact that hundreds of yachts were produced before you and sector developed itself greatly.

Firstly, we start with your dream yacht. Each detail you state to us will be combined with yacht architecture’s ideas and our draft project will be prepared with additions and corrections. But it must never be forgot that the most important subject when shaping such dreams is not exceeding the scientific limits, and yacht must also be technically perfect.  At this stage it is the main duty of Ariva Yachting to make necessary explanations in each subject whose reason is not clear for you and which may sound strange to you, and to realize every idea which is in compliance with science.

Yacht architecture designs external mould shape of the yacht that will be built, and prepares a picture that shows the size and working area for yacht owner. Yacht architecture determines hull design, speed, power, comfort plus mechanical and electrical systems, engine and other section locations.

This work can last for days and different drawings can be made again and again. Until you like each detail completely and give confirmation.

Before starting the construction, designing each detail and then starting construction at shipyard prevents many possible mistakes. Starting construction before completing the design may cause extra unknown costs to you. You will be informed by yacht architecture during and after construction stage for details to be determined.

Ariva Yachting is going to present various yacht architectures for project design of the yacht at this stage. After selecting the architect with which you will work, we will make a contract with this architect.


Ariva Yachting will be your representative in construction and other legal procedures after first stage is completed. It is our duty to observe that a yacht is constructed within agreed time and quality level, by using the best materials in accordance with the contract.

A contract will also be made between Ariva Yachting and you for this reason. This contract includes all articles in favor of you therefore you will prevent unexpected expenses and bad surprises. Ariva Yachting also makes a contract with the yacht architect. We will send progress reports to you with photos and in details, within stated periods. In that way you will be immediately informed about each progress instead of leaving your business frequently to check the construction.

A systematic order must be followed in yacht construction. We share each detail including the tiniest details with customers who contact us to construct a new yacht; everything is completely legal and based on documents.

We would like you to know that we will gladly answer your questions and demands at any time.

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