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Yacht Charter Dodecanese Islands

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Dodecanese Islands

The Dodecanese Islands lie in the south east of the Aegean, offshore from mainland Turkey's top tourist region. It is commonly referred to as the Turquoise Coast with the blue skies a match for the beautiful warm and clear waters. There are few better places to enjoy a relaxing holiday, sailing the peaceful waters and visiting some of the lovely Greek Islands.
The excellent climate in the Eastern Mediterranean means that the holiday season lasts from spring until the end of October. Tourists planning a charter can begin discussions on the yacht charter they want, and the itinerary involved, while winter still grips Europe. The earlier a booking is made, the more chance that a specific craft is available.

When you talk to an experienced broker from Ariva Yachting, you will learn a great deal about sailing and the alternatives that are available to you. If you are thinking about booking a whole charter for a group, you may begin by discussing the yachts that are available. You may have decided about a general itinerary without being able to fill in the detail; sailing time of a yacht between islands needs to be considered and our brokers will advise on the practicality of your ideas. If you are open-minded, then there are some very popular routes that you may wish to consider. Alternatively, if you decide to book a couple of berths on a large boat, we will be happy to explain about existing itineraries that many have found popular in the past.  Once everything is agreed, you just need to pay a deposit and the luxury yacht vacation is confirmed. For all the details of booking etc., read the details on the our website.

Your Captain and crew are there to provide for your every need. That includes your meals and there are few better places to sample fresh fish, together with the fresh fruit and vegetables famous in the Mediterranean than aboard a comfortable yacht. 

If you decide on the Dodecanese, you are certain to visit the largest of them, Rhodes, an island with a rich history. The largest town is Rhodes with a population of 50,000 living there all year round. The Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage site and definitely worth some of your time when you berth on the Island. That said, Rhodes has 200 kilometres of coastline and if one of the reasons for your selecting a yacht vacation is to get away from people, there are plenty of quiet places on Rhodes to swim and sunbathe. Your captain will need to collect fresh supplies at various times through your holiday but that does not mean you have to spend any time in crowded places. If you intend to stay overnight, you can anchor anywhere, relax and enjoy a stunning sunset, a feature of yacht vacations in the Aegean Sea.

The next largest of the Islands is Kos which lies just off the Bodrum Peninsula. Its harbour is dominated by the fortress built by the Crusaders centuries ago. Kos Town will be busy throughout the summer but this long and narrow island also has some lovely coves and beaches where you can anchor and relax. Between Rhodes and Kos, the Island of Symi, off Turkey’s Datca Peninsula, is another regular inclusion on a yacht charter itinerary. At one time, it had a population of over 20,000 when shipbuilding and sponges were important parts of the economy. Now this lovely island, with mountains looking down on its harbour has just 2.500-year round inhabitants and tourism is its main earner. 

Astypalaia is the westernmost island in the Dodecanese, another with lovely beaches and a picturesque capital, Chora with its castle overlooking the Town and two lovely churches. The houses are whitewashed, with blue doors and windows. The whole setting is stunning.

Kalymnos is famous for its sponges. In recent years, it has become popular with rock climbers who head for the north side, and neighbouring Telendos. There is even a rock climbing festival each autumn. Leros in contrast is a place for scuba diving, with reefs and shipwrecks offering plenty of interest. 

Nisyros, between Kos and Tilos is a real gem and largely untouched by tourism. Legend said it was created during a time when the Gods were battling the Giants. It was formed by a volcanic eruption which mythology says was the angry breath of a defeated Giant. Mandraki is its capital, a large village of narrow streets, squares and of course, typical Greek architecture.

These are the main islands that you can visit on a luxury yacht charter in the Dodecanese. They can provide an amazing holiday experience which you will never forget. Ariva Yachting that commits itself to service and customer satisfaction can make your dreams a reality. 
Kos Island

Kos is a popular tourist Island just a short distance due west of the popular Turkish resort of Bodrum. Its impressive harbour includes a Byzantine castle built in the 7th Century and used by the Knights of St. John faced the Persians. The Town of Kos is a lively place with many bars and restaurants yet the Island has much more to attract visitors. 

Rhodes Island

Rhodes is the main Island in the Dodecanese and has regular connections with Marmaris on the Turkish Mainland. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and often fairly busy. However, there is around 200 kilometres of coastline so there is never any need to mingle with crowds, especially if you have the flexibility of a charter yacht.

Symi Island

Symi is a small island off the Datca Peninsula of Turkey. It has an intimate little harbour that is instantly recognisable as Greek. The population of Symi has dwindled in recent decades but the 2,500 inhabitants are boosted by the number of tourists who arrive on the Island through the long holiday season. 


  • Historical Attractions
  • Fresh Mediterranean Cuisine, Greek & Turkish
  • Beautiful Weather throughout the Summer
  • Calm and Clear Blue Seas


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Once winter recedes, the climate that these Islands enjoy is excellent. Most days are cloudless and the chance of rain virtually non-existent. In the height of summer, temperatures soar well through the 30s each day while at night, the hours are pleasantly warm until the sun rises again.


Greek is the local language but English is widely understood and spoken in the main towns on the Island. 

The Euro is the currency of these Greek Islands.

The Dodecanese Islands are one hour behind the UK all year around. 

Fly to: Rhodes and Kos both have airports that receive charter flights from throughout Europe once the tourist season begins. In addition, tourists who want to charter a yacht may fly to Milas-Bodrum or Dalaman to begin their holiday from South West Turkey. Flight times average just over 4 hours. 


The route between Rhodes and Kos goes down the Datca Peninsula and then heads north. There are several alternatives when it comes to marinas and they include ones in Turkey; Bozborun, Datca and Bodrum to mention just three.

Rhodes is a busy port that has a host of berths for yachts, as well as repair and maintenance services. Mandraki Marina is part of the tradition port of Rhodes and is very much public. The alternatives on Rhodes for those wanting private facilities can check with Rhodes Marina, Kolona Emborikos Port and Nea Marina.

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