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Bodrum to Marmaris via Dodecanese

Day 1

The City of Bodrum has been growing quickly. It is the major port in South West Turkey and has been strategically important for many centuries. It is located on Bodrum Peninsula’s southern coast. In Carian times, it was known as Halicarnassus and was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Mausoleum of Mausolus. That has long gone, replaced by the impressive Bodrum Castle that looks out towards the Aegean. It was built by the Knights of St. John in the 15th Century and within the grounds today there is the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Kos Island

The Dodecanese Island of Kos has become one of the most popular islands in the region, arguably second behind only Rhodes.  Its rich history includes the impressive fortress, the Castle of the Knights of Saint John close to the Town harbor, the ancient plane tree under which Hippocrates taught students and the Asklepion (his ancient sanatorium).  Old Corinthian columns still gather weeds by the roadside. The purpose- built marina is just a short distance south of the ferry port. Kos Town has numerous restaurants, tavernas, cafes and shops and ‘’night owls’’ will find things stay open until late.

Day 2
Mandraki (Nisyros Island)More info

Mandraki, the main port of Nisiros is also among the largest settlements on the island. It is traditionally laid out with whitewashed houses, typical of many Greek islands. There are a number of historical sites around the village including the Paleokastro, an ancient fortress and the ruins of an ancient city dating back to the 4th century BC. After enjoying these sites, there is a good choice of tavernas and bars.

Tilos Island

Tilos in the Dodecanese is located between Kos and Rhodes with mass tourism not really a factor. You can visit on a yacht charter and you will find nice beaches and small settlements. Livadia is the island’s port but the place to visit while there is Mikro Chorio, an abandoned village, now a ‘’ghost town’’. On an island with few visitors, the beaches are quiet with no real facilities.

Day 3
Chalki Island

Chalki is another place where peace and quiet is virtually guaranteed.  The beaches are great and some will be entirely deserted. There is one small settlement, a port with cafes and tavernas on the promenade.

Alimnia Island

The small uninhabited Dodecanese island of Alimnia is close to Chalki between Chalki and Rhodes. It had a small population in prehistoric times judging by excavations that have been undertaken. Fishing and agriculture were the locals’ activities in days gone by. The terraces that the people built to counteract erosion can still be seen. 

Day 4
Panormitis (Symi Island)More info

Panormitis is a village 12 kms to the south of Symi Town. There is an important monastery, Archangel Michael Panormitis in the Village, argubably the top landmark on this lovely island. 

Ano Symi (Symi Island)More info

Symi, off the Datca Peninsula of Turkey is another relaxing island. It is fairly small but offers plenty of chance to explore. The landscape is lovely and once back in Ano Symi there are bars and tavernas offering delicious Greek cuisine which you should try with the local wine. 

Day 5
Rhodes Island

Rhodes, with its Old Town a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the largest of the Dodecanese and offers everything a tourist would want. There is a 200 kilometre coastline, a fascinating interior, good nightlife and plenty of history. It has been home to several ‘’civilisations’’ in its history and also to a former Ancient Wonder of the World though the Colossus was destroyed by an earthquake many centuries ago. The narrow streets of this walled Old Town can be crowded at times but worth visiting with the Palace of the Grand Master and the architecture of the Knights of St. John notable features.

Day 6
Arap IslandMore info

Arap Islet is Turkish territory. It is uninhabited, located between the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. There is a rough pathway coming up from the beach and leading to the village of Taşlıca around 3.5 kms away. It has a completely rural feel which you will experience as you walk. 

Kadirga Horbor

Kadirga Harbour is a pretty bay not far to the west from Marmaris. It is sheltered and has been awarded the blue flag because of its marvelous waters.

Day 7
KumlubukuMore info

Kumlubuku is a place where you can enjoy the lovely beaches, warm waters and of course the sun. The seafood restaurants are a real treat and every visitor should sample the fresh catch at least once before moving on. It is quieter than the towns further north so it is a great place to swim, away from the crowds.

Star Island (Nimara)More info

Yildiz island is a wonderful peninsula in Marmaris. There are several nice cafes and restaurants across the island. It is ideal for those interested in swimming and snorkelling. Even if you spend a whole day on the island you are unlikely to get bored especially if you enjoy walking in a lovely natural environment. The area will remind you of a small sea channel. History says that a captain sailing in this area on a stormy night, hit the rocky landscape because he thought that this was a sea channel. Since then, it has also been known as ‘’wrong channel.’’

Day 8

The charter finishes back in port with guests enjoying an excellent breakfast before finally returning to dry land. If you have some days ashore before finally returning home, we would recommend that you take some time to see what Marmaris and the immediate region has to offer. The natural environment is stunning; forests hug the slopes with the contrast between green and the blue of the sea and sky creating a lovely setting. Then there is some last minute shopping? 

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