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Yacht Charter in Kos Island

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Kos Island

Kos is an island just a short distance west of the Turkish Mainland. A long, narrow island, it is the third largest of the Dodecanese Islands with its capital, Kos Town, the biggest town. Some people know Kos as Hippocrates Island because it was the home of a man whose name is still synonymous with modern medicine. One of the things to see when you land at Kos on your luxury yacht charter is Hippocrates`s Plane Tree in the centre of the Town. Hippocrates was born in 460 BC and lived for over 80 years. It is thought that he taught his students under the tree that is over 2,500 years old.
The Island itself is surrounded by lovely clear waters. With the flexibility of a yacht charter, we are able to anchor anywhere you wish around the island. There is plenty to see and do on Kos and that includes visiting the ancient ruins in different parts of the Island as well as enjoy the natural environment with its lovely springs. 

The Knights of St. John were responsible for much of the old architecture built in the 14th Century; defence fortifications still exist and the Castle dominating the harbour of Kos is perhaps the highlight? The original building is thought to date back to Byzantine times, the 7th Century. The Venetians and the Ottomans also spent time here, as did the Italians between the World Wars before Kos officially became Greece 70 years ago. The Italian legacy on Kos includes the market, the Archaeological Museum and the Fascism Palace now simply known as the Club. Defendar Mosque dates back to the Ottomans. 

There remains a Turkish population of some 2,000 on the Islands. Local Turks and Greeks are very much friends in this tourist region of the Aegean. 

There are many sandy beaches around the Island. The south side of the Island is the more sheltered but there are easily accessible beaches right around the Island. Access is never a problem when you have your own yacht charter of course. That is just one of the benefits of a luxury charter yacht vacation. 

We have many years of experience in the Aegean. Our captains and crew know these waters well and are well-trained in providing quality service to all our clients. That includes comfortable accommodation, fine cuisine from the freshest of local produce and a commitment to ensuring a great holiday experience for everyone. 

Perhaps you have not considered a charter yacht holiday before? Dare we suggest that you are missing something? The weather in the Aegean is excellent and the waters are calm and warm. You can swim whenever you want. Indeed, a great way to wake up in the morning as you lay at anchor is to dive into the sea. Now this may well have started you thinking and we will be delighted to answer all your questions if you get in touch. Kos is certainly a destination we are happy to recommend.

Kos Town

The Castle of the Knights of St. John which dominate the Harbour is probably the main attraction in the town which is situated on the eastern end of the Island looking directly at the Turkish Mainland. It was built by the Knights Templar in the 14th Century, taking four decades to complete. The Plane Tree of Hippocrates, the Ancient Agora and the Archaeological Museum are other highlights of the Town where the majority of the Island’s population live. There is a well-established tourist infrastructure of bars, restaurants, shops and accommodation. 


Kefalos is a village in the extreme south west of Kos, a former capital of the Island, under the name of Astypalaia until 366BC. The original village is on the hilltop but below there is another part with a harbour. Its Castle dates back to Byzantine times while there are also early Christian churches (5th and 6th century). It has its own dialect which is jealously guarded and the traditional houses and narrow streets ensure it retains its charm. There is a modern side which caters directly for today’s tourists; restaurants and cafes, shopping and even nightclubs. 


Therma gets its name from the hot springs that gush out into the sea. The region is just 13 kms from Kos Town, an area of cliffs and steep slopes. The dark pebbles are a result of volcanic activity. The healthy waters contain calcium, sodium and potassium, all minerals that promote a healthy skin. The temperatures are as high as 50C. It is cooled in a small lake which contains natural sea water as well. There is regular public transport for those who need it, while yacht charters can simply anchor and enjoy a natural spa. 


  • Lovely climate during the whole tourist season
  • Fresh Mediterranean cuisine
  • Historical sites
  • Well-developed tourist infrastructure


Speak to your Charter Broker


Greek is the language on Kos though English is widely understood.

Kos’ currency is the Euro

Kos is one hour behind the UK year-round.

Fly to: Kos has its own international charter flights during the season from throughout Europe. Flight time is just over 4 hours. Other access is available from Turkish mainland airports and Athens. 


Kos Marina is municipal owned and very busy throughout the season so booking in advance is essential. There are 250 berths accepting yachts up to 50 metres in length, with repair facilities and tourist infrastructure close by. 

Luxury Yacht Charter Route and Itineraries from Kos

The Dodecanese Island of Kos has become one of the most popular islands in the region, arguably second behind only Rhodes.  Its rich history includes the impressive fortress, the Castle of the Knights of Saint John close to the Town harbor, the ancient plane tree under which Hippocrates taught students and the Asklepion (his ancient sanatorium).  Old Corinthian columns still gather weeds by the roadside. The purpose- built marina is just a short distance south of the ferry port. Kos Town has numerous restaurants, tavernas, cafes and shops and ‘’night owls’’ will find things stay open until late.

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