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Yacht Charter in Crete Island

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Crete Island

Whether for myth or historical fact, Crete, Greece’s largest island, is a real gem. It has everything a holidaymaker might want from lovely beaches, clear blue seas, wonderful cuisine and many archaeological sites for those wishing to learn more about the Island. When it comes to choosing a luxury yacht charter itinerary, including Crete is a ‘’no-brainer.’’

The interior of Crete is as fascinating as the coast. There are steep gorges, mountains and fertile green valleys that bely the dry summer climate.

The Old Town of Chania has plenty to remind visitors of the time when the Venetians were the power in the region; the mansions they built remain impressive still today, and the narrow streets are typical of old settlements.  Lovely old churches and fountains certainly add to the setting. It is great fun to explore the narrow routes after you land from your charter yacht. A yacht charter holiday means much more than just sailing the lovely waters. It allows you to explore on sea as well as land with the flexibility that days tours or resort holidays do not provide. 

If you enjoy a mountainous environment then ask us to include some time in Rethymno prefecture. There are plenty of monuments there as well as typical villages and lovely beaches. Heraklion retains all the beauty it had before it became the major centre for tourism in Crete. You can visit but then have the choice to sail away to quieter areas on your yacht charter. 

Crete was the centre of the Minoan Civilisation which was at the height of its power around 1950 BC, over 4 centuries after settlements were first formed. In mythology, this was the home of Zeus who was raised by nymphs and of Theseus who slew the Minatour. The Civilisation went into decline after a powerful earthquake and future powers like the Romans, Byzantines, Venetians and Ottomans spent time here; each has left a mark. 

We are more than happy to talk to you about Crete and all it has to offer. We have extensive knowledge of the Island and its many attractions and over the years, we have found some lovely quiet places to anchor. There are few greater experiences than sitting as the sun sets with a cold drink while the crew prepare dinner. Seafood is a favourite of course and the Island grows a wide range of fruit, vegetable and herbs to make the cuisine special. 

When it comes to a luxury yacht charter, all you have to do is turn up and enjoy yourself. Our captains and crew are very experienced and able to ensure you have every possible comfort. That includes your berth and all your meals. You won’t go hungry if you decide to fish for dinner and catch nothing because there will be alternatives, but it is certain fun and adds to the great experience of a charter yacht holiday. If we have started to get you thinking, get in touch. It costs nothing to talk.


In legend, the place where Zeus was raised, Rethymno is a quiet part of Crete even in the high season but it has much to recommend it. It has its share of beaches as well as historical sites. Authentic village life remains in the region while the Old Town, with its Venetian harbour, still has Venetian mansions and the Fortezza Medieval Castle looks down on lovely cafes and restaurant serving the best of Cretan cuisine. Ancient monasteries still survive inland; Preveli and Arkadi are two of note.


Chania is a town of 65,000 people today, a port used by the Venetians and a place that you will see the narrow streets, museums and churches as well as local craft shops. Some suggest it has a similar atmosphere to that in Italian cities such as Florence and Venice but there are also many old buildings of Turkish design, the Ottomans. There are at least two museums worth some of your time; Archaeological and Maritime. Tabakaria is a district where old leather making houses remain. Directly inland there are typical Cretan villages to see as well as a great environment including impressive gorges.


Knossos is regarded as the centre of Minoan civilization. It is just 5 kms from Heraklion. It was a flourishing capital for 2,000 years from 2,000 BC. The Minoan Palace is the highlight of the ruins, built on a hill overlooking the sea with good access to the interior. It is the place of legends; the Minotaur, Daidalos and Ikaros for example. There have been several periods of excavation, the first in the 1870s. Unfortunately, this is an earthquake region and that has resulted in destruction in different times in history but if you are holidaying in Crete, it is the first place you should think about seeing.


  • Warm summer weather
  • Clear blue waters
  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • Historical sites


Speak to your Charter Broker


Greek is the language on Crete although English is understood.

Crete’s currency is the Euro

Crete is an hour behind the UK.

Fly to: Crete has its own international airport with summer charter connections across Europe. Flight time from the UK is approx. 4 hours.


Aghios Nikolaos Marina provides excellent shelter all-year round with repair, maintenance and tourist infrastructure well-established.

Gouves Marina can accommodate yachts all-year round and has modern repair and maintenance facilities. Restaurant and shopping facilities are close by. 

Heraklion Marina is part of the historic harbour and offers berths organised by the local yacht club. There are basic facilities in place as well. 

Reythmno Marina can cater for yachts up to 40 metres with back-up repair services. Quayside facilities include shops, bars and restaurants. 

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