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Yacht Charter Marmaris

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Marmaris

Marmaris is a natural deepwater harbour. Formerly no more than a village, it was an obvious site for development with the prospect of growth in tourism in South West Turkey. The beautiful Turquoise Coast has proved to be very popular with tourists from throughout Europe and even further away. During the weeks of summer, indeed from April onwards, the climate in this region is excellent; warm, generally with cloudless skies and no rain. It all makes for a great place for a holiday, with a luxury yacht charter setting out from Marmaris a great way to explore the surrounding area.

Ariva Yachting offers yacht vacations along this coastline, and regions beyond. If you like the idea of Marmaris and its immediate hinterland, we will be happy to tell you more about the area and where we can take you. Many centuries ago, it seems that Anthony and Cleopatra spent time near here. Mark Anthony actually brought fine white sand to Sedir Island in the Gulf of Gokova close to Marmaris. You can not only see the beautiful beach but there are also Greek and Roman ruins amongst the olive groves with the amphitheatre being especially impressive.

We don’t have to take you too far on your yacht charter to see much more of interest. Heading east, there is the lovely bay at Ekincik where we can drop anchor although we can do that in many other places as well. Tourists staying in Marmaris often take a day trip a little further because Iztuzu Beach is a 5-kilometre strip of sand that is regarded as one of the finest stretches of sand in Turkey. Iztuzu sits in front of Dalyan Delta with Dalyan itself a small town with impressive ancient Lycian tombs carved in the rock face overlooking the river.

Day trippers out on these warm waters have to head back to port at the end of the day before the sun sets. The beauty of our yacht charters is that you do not have to join them. You can sit back, enjoy glorious sunsets with a cold drink in your hand while the crew cooks dinner. This area is not just a tourist area. It has always been very fertile. Before tourists ever arrived, the population were farmers and fishermen. The fresh produce, fruit and vegetables, and fish means that dinner is a delight. 

The alternative is to head west. While Rhodes is no distance away and can easily be included in any charter out of Marmaris, there is also the Turkish coastline, the Datca Peninsula, which is a sparsely populated region, fertile despite seemingly being fairly dry and bare. Datca’s tomatoes are famous far beyond the Peninsula while the honey is another local treat. You will also see many olive groves as you sail along. 

We can call into Turunc, a fishing village that has now developed for tourism as well. It is a naturally beautiful place which has won awards for its clean waters and beautiful beach. Bozborun has a small marina with restaurants looking out to sea. It is famous for its gulet construction which along with tourism and agriculture sustains the population of around 2,000.

The Peninsula itself is a delightful place. Datca is the main town and offshore just a short distance is the Greek Island of Symi. There are several choices that can be included in a typical itinerary. If you have booked the whole yacht, you can select them all yourself. The coves and beaches are plentiful, and usually deserted. 

If you want an evening ashore, you face an interesting choice. There are the busy streets of Marmaris although when you pick a yacht charter, one of the reasons for doing that is often to avoid the crowds. Datca is perhaps a better alternative?

We are happy to reply promptly to any enquiry. The sooner you get in touch, the more time there is to discuss the details and get the yacht you want for your charter holiday. At no point are you committed to anything until the last detail of your proposed holiday is in place. That includes any special dietary requirements and obviously the itinerary. If you book a complete boat, you have plenty of choice but you may need to accept advice on what is practical within the time you have available.

Cleopatra Island

Sedir Island in the Gulf of Gokova is more commonly called Cleopatra Island. Mark Anthony is said to have transported fine white sand to the Island for his lover, Cleopatra of Egypt. Certainly, the sand is different from anything else found in the region. There are ancient ruins, including an amphitheatre on an island covered in olive groves.


Turunc has grown from a small fishing village to a popular resort in a beautiful bay west of Marmaris. With forests and mountains behind, the setting is lovely. It is a fertile region producing pomegranates, figs, plums and sour oranges used for marmalade. The Turkish name for this type of orange is ‘’turunc.’’


Such has been the development in this region that Icmeler to Marmaris’ west has almost grown into one resort. Icmeler was a fishing village and retains a lovely beach. There are pine forests on three sides and it is a great place for those enjoying hiking, though in the hot weather, take plenty of water.


  • Predictable Sunny Days
  • Cleopatra island
  • Appetising Turkish Cuisine
  • Plenty for all the Family


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The weather in South West Turkey is predictable; it will be warm as the yachting season starts and hot through the many weeks of summer. It cools a little in the autumn but is still pleasantly warm. Night time temperatures are still good enough for T shirt and shorts throughout the yachting season.


The local language is Turkish which may initially be confusing but if you learn a few commonly used phrases such as greetings, locals will appreciate your efforts. You will find English spoken in many tourist places and restaurants will have English as well as Turkish. 

The local currency is the Turkish Lira (TL). You will find many places where exchange rates are clearly shown and can get Lira from ATMs which are common. Travellers cheques are not advisable. 

Turkish time is 2 hours ahead of the UK from the end of March until UK clocks change in October. For a period of 5 months, the winter, clocks will currently be 3 hours ahead though that policy is not necessarily permanent.

Fly to: Dalaman International Airport with flights throughout Europe and the Middle East. It is just over an hour from Marmaris. Milas – Bodrum is also an option for visitors to Marmaris though it will take a further 20 minutes. Flight times from the UK average 4.5 hours. 

E – visas are available online before visiting Turkey. See


Netsel Marina in the centre of Marmaris covers a hectare within two breakwaters. It can cater for yachts up to 40 metres in length and provides sheltered mooring for up to 750 crafts. It has all the facilities required for moving, repairing and refuelling yachts as well as an established tourist infrastructure including bars, shops and restaurants. 

Albatros Marina, in Central Marmaris past the Gunluk Park has a capacity of 60 boats and 240 on land. There are refreshment and shopping facilities on site. 

Martı Marina & Yacht Club in Orhaniye, east of the Cove entrance. It has capacity for 300 boats with a further 100 on land. There are local services including repairs, refreshments and shopping. 

Luxury Yacht Charter Route and Itineraries from Marmaris

Marmaris, a port city in the South West of Turkey has become an important tourist resort in recent times. The region is commonly called the ‘’Turquoise Coast’’ because of the beautiful colour of its waters all year round. There are many bays along this piece of coastline where yacht charters can anchor at will. As a natural harbour, Marmaris was an obvious place for development and today it has the capacity for taking 800 yachts. Marmaris is the gateway to a beautiful part of Turkey, rich in history, fertile and offering a whole range of things to see and do. Blue cruise facilities in Marmaris mean it is a logical starting point for tourists wanting to sail these lovely waters. Ashore, there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants while at sea during the many months of blue skies, you can relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings. 

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