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Yacht Charter in Athens

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Athens

The Greek Capital of Athens was once the centre of an Ancient Civilisation that gave a great deal to the World. Todays visitors can still see many archaeological sites amongst what is now a sprawling modern city. Huge numbers of overseas tourists visit Athens each year. Some then fly on to Greek Islands to continue their holidays but an increasing number of travellers how discovered the joys of a luxury yacht charter that has the flexibility to sail quietly through this region, taking in all it has to offer.

It is hard to believe but Athens began as merely a fishing village, many centuries BC. The discovery of lead, silver and the local marble changed that as Athens’ power grew. Ancient cities were on a much smaller scale than today’s settlements so that tourists will find that the major historical monuments are in a relatively small area. The ready availability of marble helped the Ancient Greeks to build the stunning archaeological gems that made Athens such an impressive city. The Acropolis dominates the skyline even today. The Parthenon is visible from throughout the city which is know a city of large proportions. 

There is more to Athens that its history; the shopping, the cuisine and the theatre; there are almost 150 in Greece’s capital. 

Even then, the Aegean Sea was important to local life. Today, it is arguably the best water in which to enjoy a yacht charter vacation. Greek waters include four sets of islands, the Dodecanese and the Cyclades are fairly distant from Athens but the Ionian and Saronic Islands are much closer. 

Yacht charters regularly visit the Greek Mainland and one of the Ionian islands, Lefkas, is actually joined to the Mainland by a bridge. There are a few islands close enough to Athens for a day trip if you are not enjoying a luxury yacht holiday. It may be something that gets you thinking about having the freedom to sail these waters on a long holiday and we will be more than happy to talk to you about what is available. 

We have several standard itineraries where you can take a berth and join others on a trip over a few days. If there is a group of you, able to take a complete yacht, we can discuss a bespoke luxury yacht charter itinerary with you. It gives you complete flexibility to put down anchor as you wish. You should think about when you want to go. The weather is good enough to travel anytime from the spring until the winter returns.  Mid-summer is the busiest time but there is room for everyone in the waters off Athens and moorings in all the quiet coves that every island has. 

If sailing is new to you, perhaps you are missing something? We can introduce you to a new experience that you will never forget. A luxury yacht holiday in guaranteed good weather takes some beating. Get in touch and we will show you what we mean. 


The citadel of Athens and the site of the Parthenon, the skyline of Athens is dominated by this place that dates back to a time when Athens was the dominant empire of the world. Having defeated the Persians in the 5th Century BC, Athens’ stature rose dramatically. Pericles engaged the sculpture Pheidias to build on a previously empty rock above the City and what was built in the following years is the finest example of Ancient Greek architecture left in the World today. The Parthenon is the most impressive building but there is much more to see on a tour of the Acropolis. 

Ancient Agora

The ancient ‘’marketplace’’ of Athens is in the centre of the City as it was. It was a commercial heart as well as an assembly area and over the years it has been destroyed and rebuilt, as well as modified. Excavations have revealed its history and although visitors may find it difficult to envisage how it looked in its prime, it is a very significant part of the history of Athens. The Temple of Hephaestus is arguably the best preserved ancient Greek temple while the Stoa of Attalos has been completely rebuilt in its ancient appearance.

Parnitha National Park

This National Park was designated in 1961 and named after the mountain of the same name that dominates the setting. While pine forest and evergreen shrubs are the prevalent covering, there are many streams and springs, rocky out crops and some grassland. There are over 800 flora species with this Park being the most important area in Southern Greece for their protection. It is the last area in Southern Greece where the red deer survives as well. Its proximity to Athens helps raise awareness of Greece’s natural riches and visitors should visit just to enjoy the lovely environment.


  • Historical Gems
  • Lovely Mediterranean climate
  • Distinctive Greek cuisine
  • Greek’s hub with easy access to its islands


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Greek is the language although tourist numbers mean that English is widely understood.

The currency is the Euro.

Athens is one hour behind the UK all year.

Fly to: Athens is just under 4 hours direct flight from the UK with road and metro connections to the City.


Flisvos Marina has 303 berths and is located just a few kilometres from Athens’ centre. It can take 70 metre yachts and its draft is 16 metres. Repair and maintenance facilities are excellent. 

D–Marin has a capacity for 300 yachts and super yachts, even up to 180 metres. It has repair and maintenance facilities to match the best.

Astir Marina can take yachts of 45 metre length, 3 – 4 metre draft.

Alimos Marina can accommodate yachts up to 40 metres long; draft 5 metres.

The other harbours are Kantharos, Zea and Mounichia.

Luxury Yacht Charter Route and Itineraries from Athens

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