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Yacht Charter Montenegro

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country north of Albania on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea. A yacht charter offers much on land and sea. The coastline is just under 300 kilometres but from one end to the other measures half of that. It does mean that it is practical to see the much of Montenegro`s coast.

Montenegro is a small country north of Albania on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea. The region is now stable after the problems of the 1990s and that is reflected in the increased number of tourists that are considering a holiday in Montenegro. Numbers reached pre-war levels a decade ago and have increased ever since. It existed under its present name in the 15th Century, and despite Ottoman presence, it was never really oppressed. Its independence was confirmed in the Treaty of Berlin in 1878 but it was absorbed into the State of Yugoslavia in 1929, finally getting freedom from Serbia in 2006. 

A yacht charter offers much on land and sea.  The coastline is just under 300 kilometres but from one end to the other measures half of that. It does mean that it is practical to see the much of Montenegro’s coast. 

The coastline is stunning and the Bay of Kotor is thought by many to be among the most beautiful bays in Europe, if not the world. The Town of Kotor looks out on to the waters, a town with a rich history that is well-preserved in many ways; the narrow streets are cobbled, and notable features are the fortifications and the churches that date back to the 12th Century. If you have the energy to climb the 1500 steps to the top of the fortifications, you will get fantastic views down over the Town and out to your yacht and the Adriatic. 

Budva has developed as a tourist resort and with its lovely beaches, it is easy to see why. You may decide that with the freedom you have with your own motor yacht charter that you can enjoy beaches elsewhere without the crowds but Budva has charm and deserves a few hours of your time. Again, there are historical churches and fortifications to examine. 

Perast is small yet its architecture, a result of Venetian occupation in the 17th and 18th Century, means that a visit is often included during a luxury yacht charter. This coast was once in Byzantine hands and after the Venetian times, it became part of the Ottoman Empire. In the small port of Stari Bar, there are Byzantine ruins while there is a 17th Century ‘’hamam’’ from those Ottoman times and an olive tree purported to be the oldest in the world; Stara Maslina is thought to be at least 2,000 years old.

When it comes to cuisine, the sea bass is especially recommended. There is a chance that you will be able to catch your own dinner; your onboard chef will be adept in cooking fresh fish for clients and what better way to wash it down that with Montenegro’s excellent wine? Mediterranean cuisine covers a number of things with regional variations but what you can be certain of is fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs as well as olive oil as a dressing.  

Your specific itinerary will be available for consideration once you have professed an interest in Montenegro. If you are booking the whole yacht for a group, Ariva Yachting will be happy to discuss your ideas on the places you would like included on your itinerary. There are practical considerations, especially the time you have available for your yacht charter vacation and the distances that can be covered in that time allowing for time to enjoy each of the highlights. 

It is important to strike a balance between seeing the things that interest you and being able to relax which it the main point of spending time at sea. You will have regular stops for swimming and in terms of enjoying the sun set in different places with little more than the water lapping against the hull, sit back and enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine. If you are an early riser, you will enjoy the sun rise just as much, but perhaps without the alcohol?

Ariva Yachting guarantees that its response to enquiries will be quick and comprehensive. You are likely to have plenty of questions; feel free to ask them all because we want to provide you with a holiday experience that exactly fits what you want. 

Kotor Bay

The Bay of Kotor is regarded as one of the most beautiful bays in Europe. The Old Town of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is fortified and its mediaeval charm is retained in the narrow, cobbled streets and lovely piazzas. The 12th Century St. Tryphon Cathedral, the Church of St. Luke and the Orthodox St Nicholas Church are just three of the things to see.

Budva Riviera

The Riviera is not only known for its lovely beaches, it is also a region with a long and interesting history. Monuments in Budva include the 7th Century St. John’s Church and two others nearly as old. The Riviera stretches around 30 kilometres with lovely beaches interspersed with small villages and a developing tourist infrastructure.

Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake National Park is the biggest lake in the whole of the Balkans.  The diverse flora and fauna help make this a stunning natural setting for anyone who enjoys the outdoor life. It is a great place for hiking, while bird watchers and botanists will be in their element. There is a colony of the endangered Dalmatian Pelican.


  • Delightful Coastline
  • Warm Climate throughout the Long Summer
  • Historical Monuments including several Lovely Churches
  • Freshly prepared Mediterranean Cuisine


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While the south has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm dry summers, the rest of Montenegro has less coastal influence; a Continental climate where lowland areas are hot in the summer but milder at elevation. Winters can be cold. 

The good news for tourists enjoying sailing is that their weather will be warm and dry.


The Language is Montenegrin which is similar to the other Balkan languages. Albanian is common in some regions. English is understood in tourist areas, though less so in the north of the country. Older people may instead know some Italian or German.

Montenegro’s official currency is the Euro. 

Montenegro is one hour ahead of the UK throughout the year. 

Fly to: Podgorica International Airport has the most choice but there are other alternatives. Tivat Airport has summer charter flights from most regions of Europe while Dubrovnik Airport is just over the border in Croatia and provides another option. Flight times from the UK are around 3 hours in each case.  


Bar is Montenegro’s largest port, handling cargo and passenger traffic. There are facilities for yachts to moor in the Port. 

Kotor welcomes cruise ship traffic as well as being an important place for yachts sailing the seas to berth.

Porto Montenegro in Tivat is the most modern marina in Montenegro. It has all the services that you would expect of a 21st Century marina, and 450 berths in all.

MC Marina Budva has berths and excellent service facilities for visiting vessels.  

Marina Prcani is a small facility with just 10 winter and a similar number of summer moorings.

Zelenika is one of Montenegro’s seaports and has a well-equipped marina for anything up to medium size. 

Lustica Bay is scheduled to have a 176-berth marina which is currently under construction. 

Luxury Yacht Charter Route and Itineraries from Montenegro

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