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Yacht Charter Gocek

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Gocek

Gocek is the gateway to one of the most popular day trips on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey; the 12 Islands Tour where passengers stop several times during the day for swimming as well as enjoying a tasty BBQ Lunch. The beauty of a luxury yacht charter starting in Gocek is when the day trippers have to return to port as the sun starts to go down, you can stay and enjoy the changing colours as the sun finally sets. You have your own boat that can anchor anywhere on your itinerary.

The calm, clear waters of this region are delightful. By day, they are as blue as the cloudless skies which are a feature of this coastline for many, many weeks each summer. By night, the lap gently against the hull of the boat; in the summer, the seas are inevitably very calm.

If you are thinking about a holiday on the Turquoise Coast and contemplating a yacht charter as opposed to a resort holiday, we invite you to get in touch to learn more. There is no obligation whatever to make an enquiry and ask for information and advice. At Ariva Yachting, with our years of experience, we have a database of clients who have enjoyed our services in the past. Those services begin when you first make contact right through to the holiday itself. You must be satisfied with all the detail of your yacht vacation itinerary before we ask you to make a commitment by paying a deposit. You should read through the terms and conditions of your booking and ask for any clarifications if you are uncertain about anything.

The main thing for you to decide is where you want your yacht charter to go in the time you have available. If you are travelling as a group and taking the whole yacht, you can have a bespoke itinerary which fits in with what is practical in the time allocated. You may have some general ideas and our practical knowledge of the region will fashion those into a good itinerary to include the highlights en route. 

If you head west, you will see a series of coves, and pass the international airport at Dalaman. You can stop as you wish because there are several beaches and coves. There is a long stretch of sand known as Iztuzu Beach where the endangered loggerhead turtle nests in the summer. The beach is about 5 kilometres long so there is always a quiet stretch if you want to stop. You may wish to visit Dalyan, a little town inland from the beach but you would have to switch boats to do so. It is worth the effort because the town is overlooked by Lycian King Tombs, dating back to the centuries before Christ, carved in the rocks looking down across the river at the town.  There is also a lovely lake, Koycegiz, further down the river; at one time this Lake was part of the sea.

Ekincik Bay is just a little further west, another delightful place where you will never experience crowds. There is a couple of restaurants and a nice beach, if a little pebbly. The next main stop is the area around Marmaris but that may be a bit too far for you. 

As an alternative, if you head east you will soon get to Fethiye, a place that has grown enormously in recent years. If you want a night ashore to enjoy a bar or two, this is the place to do it. It has a great fish market where you can buy your fish and ask for one of the surrounding restaurants to cook it for you, or alternatively take it back to the boat. It is certainly a great place for the crew to buy fresh fruit and vegetables, indeed all the things they need to provide you with all your meals on board.

How far you travel in either direction from Gocek is largely determined by the length of your holiday. There is no point is rushing just to sail a long distance because there is plenty to see and do everywhere and the whole point of sailing is to be able to relax. There is little better than simply sitting with a glass of wine or a cold beer and enjoying the changing colours as the sun sets.

12 Islands

The 12 Islands Tour is one of the most popular excursions in South West Turkey. The day involves a pleasant lunch while sailing amongst a series of uninhabited islands within the bay. There are several stops to swim and explore while a sun tan is guaranteed. Gocek is the starting point for this great day.

Iztuzu Beach

Gocek exists because of the Aegean and a short distance west, by land or sea, there is Iztuzu Beach, a 5-kilometre strip of beach where the endangered loggerhead turtle breeds. The baby turtles head for the sea, mostly at night, during the peak weeks of summer. It is a wonderful place to relax and just enjoy the natural environment.

Tersane Island

Otherwise known as Dockyard Island because it was home to the Ottoman Navy, Tersane is an uninhabited island to the east of Gocek and a great place to visit in the summer. Greeks lived there before the announcement of the Turkish Republic but now there are just ruins of houses and churches, goats and orchards but there is a summertime restaurant.


  • Guaranteed Good Weather
  • Clear & Warm Blue Sea
  • Healthy Turkish Cuisine
  • The Lovely ‘’12 Islands.’’


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The weather in South West Turkey is predictable; it will be warm as the yachting season starts and hot through the many weeks of summer. It cools a little in the autumn but is still pleasantly warm. Night time temperatures are still good enough for T shirt and shorts throughout the yachting season.


The local language is Turkish which may initially be confusing but if you learn a few commonly used phrases such as greetings, locals will appreciate your efforts. You will find English spoken in many tourist places and restaurants will have English as well as Turkish. 

The local currency is the Turkish Lira (TL). You will find many places where exchange rates are clearly shown and can get Lira from ATMs which are common. Travellers cheques are not advisable. 

Turkish time is 2 hours ahead of the UK from the end of March until UK clocks change in October. For a period of 5 months, the winter, clocks will currently be 3 hours ahead though that policy is not necessarily permanent.

Fly to: Dalaman International Airport with flights throughout Europe and the Middle East. It is 20 minutes from Gocek. Flight times from the UK average 4.5 hours. 

E – visas are available online before visiting Turkey. See


Club Marina has 225 berths and can host a yacht of 95 metres. There are no repair/maintenance facilities on site but they can be arranged.  

D- Marin Marina is south of Gocek and has 380 berths and all necessary services. There are shopping, bar and restaurants locally. 

Gocek Municipal Marina can handle 150 boats and has quay fuelling and local facilities a step away.  

Marinturk Gocek Exclusive is in Poruklu Bay, 10 minutes distant and is ideal for mega-yachts.

Marinturk Gocek Village Port in Bungus Bay near the town centre and has repair facilities and everyday local services.

Skopea Marina next to the municipal marina can hold 80 vessels on a single jetty. There are no repair/maintenance services. 

Luxury Yacht Charter Route and Itineraries from Gocek

Gocek is situated at the top of the Gulf of Fethiye on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey. The international airport is no more than 20 minutes’ away and the setting is lovely; the mountain slopes come down to this small place that is the gateway to a number of small islands and beaches in the Bay. The harbour has a large capacity and a super-yacht is often seen berthed in Gocek. 

Explore to Gocek Bays Explore to Gocek Bays 7 Days
Fethiye and Gocek Bays Fethiye and Gocek Bays 7 Days
Gocek to Bodrum (one way) Gocek to Bodrum (one way) 7 Days
Gocek to Kekova Gocek to Kekova 14 Days
Gocek to Marmaris Gocek to Marmaris 7 Days
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