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Yacht Charter Croatia

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Croatia

The Adriatic Sea is a great place for a luxury yacht charter. Croatia, on its east coast, has hundreds of islands and if you are sailing on a charter, you can easily access as many as time allows. Croatia`s coastline is 1,800 kilometres long so you will only be able to see a small proportion of it.

The growth in the number of tourists visiting Croatia in recent years is very impressive. The years of strife during the breakup of Yugoslavia and its aftermath are forgotten as far as the Dalmatian Coast is concerned. 

Croatia announced its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 but had to fight to make it a reality. That happened in 1995 and its subsequent acceptance into NATO and the EU is evidence of the success of this newly independent state. Its population is not much more than 4m with a quarter living in the Capital Zagreb and a significant amount more in the coastal cities of Dubrovnik and Split.

The Adriatic Sea is a great place for a luxury yacht charter. Croatia, on its east coast, has hundreds of islands and if you are sailing on a charter, you can easily access as many as time allows. Croatia’s coastline is 1,800 kilometres long so you will only be able to see a small proportion of it. Never mind; Ariva Yachting will be more than happy to welcome you back again, and again. This is a very dramatic coastline with mountains behind a fairly lush seaboard with olive groves and palm trees. 

The beaches of Croatia are recognised as amongst the cleanest in Europe. The mainland coast tends to be pebbly rather than sandy but that is not the case on the islands. Rab, Korcula and Susak Islands are especially good. The most photographed beach is actually composed of white pebbles; Zlatni Rat on Brac which is an island where you can enjoy water sports. Sailing the Adriatic means that you will be out in the fresh air most of the time and you should remember to take precautions against sunburn especially because you can expect some gentle breezes as you sail along. Don’t worry about rushing to get a healthy suntan; that will develop soon enough and the last thing you want early during your charter is a painful sunburn where your skins almost looks like it is on fire.

If you book your own yacht charter, you will be able to decide on your itinerary, within what is practical. Nature lovers are certain to like Mljet which is fairly close to Dubrovnik and when it comes to food, Vis, close to Split, is highly recommended though your yacht charter vacation includes all your meals. Hopefully you like fish because the quality and variety of what is available is impressive; octopus and calamari, crabs and scampi as well as a good range of white fish. Fish is not compulsory and there are plenty other ideas in Croatian cuisine which include the use of fresh fruit and vegetables grown locally. 

The Islands tend to come in groups and this is where Ariva Yachting can advise on what is practical. Some of the islands are very remote and ordinary tourists will find it extremely difficult to access them; you have a yacht charter which makes it much easier for you as long as you have the time. The Kornati Archipelago is 130 islands, uninhabited and off the stretch of coast between Zadar and Sibenik. 

If your appetite has been whetted, what should you do? First of all, you can contact Ariva Yachting with an initial enquiry. If you explain what you are thinking about and alternative dates that are possibilities, Ariva Yachting will provide you with preliminary details of what it can offer. The fine detail can come later. You will have something to think about before moving on a stage. 

Croatia is easily accessible in these days of regular charter flights through the whole of the summer season. The service that is on offer can be collection from your international airport of arrival and return after your holiday for departure for home. Dietary requirements will always be satisfied and all the detail will be provided before you are asked to make any commitment. 

If sailing is new to you, Ariva Yachting can provide an excellent introduction to something that provides a unique experience. It is easy to get ‘’hooked’’ but don’t worry; these lovely waters will still be here next time you are able to enjoy a holiday. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park

This is another site that has earned UNESCO World Heritage status, and rightly so. It is located halfway between Zagreb and Zadar with a range of altitude between almost 1,300 metres and 400 metres. In all, there are 16 lakes in the Park with Veliki Slap the most impressive waterfall at 70 metres.


Dubrovnik is the most visited town in Croatia. The number of historical gems behind its walls is very impressive. You are certain to be amongst crowds as you walk through its streets but the rewards of seeing its rich variety of Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic Churches make it all worthwhile.


Zadar is often described as the place in Croatia where history and the modern world meet. Its architecture displays its time as the Baroque Capital while there are Roman ruins to see as well. Its history in fact dates back to the 9th Century BC but it is its Venetian defensive walls that earned it UNESCO World Heritage status.


  • The Beautiful Adriatic Coast Location
  • Warm and Settled Weather throughout the Summer
  • Its Historical Riches
  • A Cuisine that Blends the Best of Italy with the Croatian Regions.


Speak to your Charter Broker


The Adriatic coastline has a pleasant summer climate after a mild beginning in the early spring. Summers are dry with the warm waters reflecting the good temperatures throughout the region. At night time temperatures drop but they remain suitable for fairly light clothing


Croatian is the official language and is fairly difficult. However, English is fairly common in tourist regions, especially among the young while older people may speak German. However, the most common second language, both spoken and understood, is arguably Italian.

The Croatian Currency is the Kuna which is valued at about 8.50 to £ Sterling.

Croatia is one hour ahead of UK time all year round. 

Fly to: Dubrovnik and Split have the most flights for tourists wanting to enjoy the Adriatic Coast. Zagreb, the capital, is inland while Zadar and Pula are other places with international flights. Sone tourists may take the option of flying to Tivat, just over the southern border in Montenegro. Flight times even to the south from the UK will not exceed three hours. 


Croatia has an extensive coastline and the popularity of its coastline is reflected in the fact that there are 56 marinas, and a total of more than 16,000 berths available to those sailing up and down the Coast during the long sailing season.

The main places that visitors can book charters on this Coast are Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Sibenik. Check these places first and plan from there.

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