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Athens to Athens

Day 1
Athens to Poros Town

Embarkation from Athens Piraeus harbor . After meeting the captain and the crew you are shown around the yacht . We depart for Poros. Poros is a beautiful picturesque coastal town with crystal-clear waters and lush green scenery around it. Swim from the swim deck of your yacht while enjoying the view of the pine trees. You can either play some water sports or sunbathe on the deck. After your bath, the chef will prepare a lunch of traditional Greek cuisine or with dishes of your choice prepared for you. Relax in the lounge or outside on the deck, enjoying the sea’s cool breeze. You can explore the town with its mansions and cobblestone streets. The architecture is really interesting. Return to your yacht for  dinner. Overnighting will be in Poros harbor.

Poros Island

The sea channel separating Poros and the Peloponnesian Peninsula helps Poros Town appear like a sheltered lakeside resort.  The many cobbled streets stretching up the slopes are a splash of colour; pastel coloured houses, lovely gardens and some old mansions.  On top of the hill there is a clock tower, the landmark seen when approaching Poros Island. Poros has lovely beaches, clear blue waters, pine forests and a busy waterfront with shops, tavernas, restaurants and cafes.

Day 2
Spetses Island

Spetses is just 12 km long, an island of rolling hills, lush vegetation, pine trees and great beaches. The main town, also Spetses, is lovely, traditional whitewashed houses with blue roofs and narrow streets. There are also some interesting old stone mansions.  It is just 18 miles from Hydra.

Day 3
Nafplion (Mainland)

A beautiful Peloponnese town, Nafplion is regarded as among the most romantic places in Greece. It was the new State’s capital between 1823 and 1834 and still bears reminders of its former masters, Venice and the Ottomans. Among the interesting things to see are the ancient walls, monuments, old castles and statues.

Day 4
Hydra Island

Hydra is recognised the jewel of the Saronic Gulf; there are no vehicles or motor cycles. Walk in the cobbled streets or take a donkey ride. The impressive cliffs look great against the clear blue waters and it is no wonder that many famous personalities have been attracted here. Leonard Cohen was a resident for 10 years many years ago. Not surprisingly, it is very popular with luxury yacht charters as well. 

Day 5
Epidavros (Mainland)More info

Epidavros is a Peloponnese town that earned fame back in Roman times because of being a place for healing. The Greek God of Medicine, Asclepius, was said to live here so many travelled from different areas in search of treatment. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site with its theatre the main attraction. There is a Festival of Classical Greek Theatre held every year.

Day 6
Perdika (Aegina Island)More info

Aegina, 13 miles from Athens is an island in the middle of the Saronic Gulf. After you get past the busy harbour, there is much to recommend it. Much is typical of small island towns but there are also many famous ancient sites like the 5th Century Temple of Aphaia and the Byzantine ruins of Paleohora. The island is also famous for its delicious pistachio nuts and you should not leave Aegina without buying some.

Day 7
Agia Marina (Aegina Island)More info

Aghia Marina is the most popular resort on the Greek island of Aegina. It lies in the east of the island in the middle of the homonymous bay, twelve kilometres from Aegina Town. The location of Agia Marina is very nice, because green pine forests and mountains surround it. The sandy beaches are among the best on the island. The beautiful bays, pine forests, sandy beaches and the surroundings are breath taking.

Day 8
Piraeus Port (Athens)More info

The guests will leave the yacht with precious memories of the tour by 10:00 am after a hearty breakfast. Athens is worth to see with many highlights including the Parthenon on the Acropolis which you should visit after your luxury cruise. 

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