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Gokova & Hisaronu Gulf 14 Days

Day 1

In many ways, Bodrum is the gateway to the Greek Aegean Islands. The nearby Gulf of Gokova is wonderful sailing, as is the Gulf of Hisonaru. In addition, Kos lies just a short distance due east of Bodrum. The crystal-clear seas are stunning and with days of sun throughout a yachting season, all the ingredients are in place for a lovely yacht charter holiday. If you add the lovely coves, great cuisine and hospitable locals, a real experience awaits

Day 2
Orak IslandMore info

Orak Island has become famous for its marine life, and of course the crystal clear water. The Island is just 10 miles from Bodrum, heading east. Yachts and blue cruises regular pass by and often stop, even if they have an alternative destination. There are a number of lovely coves that sit below the many olive groves. Orak is not inhabited but it certainly enjoys a temporary population on yachts anchoring overnight.

ÇökertmeMore info

Cokertme, a village mentioned in local folk songs, has become a regular stopover before or after crossing the Gokova Gulf. The Bay of the same name is located between Kepce Burnu and Karaburun It is a sheltered place that is ideal for an overnight stop. The boating community know it well because it provides good shelter from the winds Particularly those from the west-north and west-east direction. The coastline is long and lined with rows of pine and olive trees. There are several local restaurants offering delicious local cuisine to tourists at very reasonable rates.

Day 3
English HarborMore info

English Harbour was a place where British naval vessels sheltered in secret during the Second World War. The Germans occupied many of the Greek Islands and two British military aircrafts with bodies of their pilots were found here by Turkish divers. It is thought that the airplanes were shot down by German anti craft fire from a nearby Greek Islands in 1942.

Seven IslandMore info

Blue Cruises usually all stop at Seven Islands which is a secluded bay south of Tuzla. It is a great place to do nothing or be active with swimming, snorkelling, fishing and sponge diving. As long as you are careful, you can try harpooning and perhaps even catch dinner? Walkers will enjoy the Gulluk Forest. The south side of the Gulf of Gokova in front of the islands is actually blanketed in lush pine forests spreading some distance along the shore.  A natural gulf is created and you may anchor in any of a number of places to rest in condition even if winds are blowing. To the west is the island of Martil, to south and east, there are lovely beaches where you can swim, relax or sunbathe. The other islands are Long Island, Olive Island, and Small Island; each is virtually barren. 

Long PortMore info

The entry to Long Port is about 130 metres wide and widens out into a large bay. This is a great setting with the slopes covered in pine forest and many small coves just waiting for you to anchor. 

Kufre BayMore info

You can visit the natural harbor of Kufre or take a leisurely walk on the shore through the Gulluk Forest.The southern shore of the Gulf of Gokova in front of the four islands is covered with lush pine forests that spread across miles along the shore and between the two a natural gulf is created. You can anchor between the islands or inside a cove and rest in calm in any weather condition.

Day 4
KaracasogutMore info

Karacasogut is a great bay where the forest comes right down to the sea.  Colour is everywhere, added by the abundance of rhododendrons. The mountains are covered with pine trees while there is a styrax forest near to shore. The trees are entirely wild and quite unusual. It is worth eating in the restaurants after a walk there. The setting from up on the hills is very impressive.

Day 5
Longoz (Kargili) BayMore info

Longoz has the most impressive bays in the Gulf of Gokova, descending down from the steep hills to appear right into the sea save from the row of trees separating them from the waters. This is definitely nature at its best! Winds blow in every direction, perfect for yachts seeking for a place to anchor either in the salt water lake or near the island.

Day 6
Tuzla BayMore info

The charming fisherman's village of Tuzla has become famous for its restaurants, and especially its seafood that is invariably caught the same day as it is served. Some of the locals are also farmers or manage tree nurseries; others are bee-keepers. The shallow water attracts Wading birds are attracted by the shallow waters and there is other wildlife as well. It is an area of tremendous beauty that deserve everyone’s time.

Day 7
Knidos (Cnidus)More info

Knidos is at the extreme South West tip of Turkey on the Datca Peninsula. It is commonly regarded as one of the most impressive ancient city ruins in the whole of what was Asia Minor, modern-day Turkey. There is an ancient harbour with a theatre close by. There are two churches just a short walk away. They were built in the Byzantine period and there are extensive excavations that have been going on since 1960. The Statue of Demeter was one of the best discoveries while the lion statues which stood protecting the harbour are in the British Museum in London. The Temple of Aphrodite is a major attraction for visitors as is the necropolis. While Knidos is remote, it is a place that all yacht charters are easily able to visit. 

PalamutbukuMore info

Palamutbuku is regarded as having the best beaches in the whole of Datca Peninsula in South West Turkey. The beaches are small but very nice, with the mountains behind.  Gardens are colorful and the whole setting is calm and tranquil.  It is a great place to get away from crowds and relax.  Palamutbuku is at the end of the Peninsula, close to the ruins of the historic city of Knidos; it is just 12 kms away. The warm clear waters are full of fish and you can expect to be able to sample the day’s catch for dinner in the restaurants. It is said that you can see a shiny object on the sea bed it is so clear. There is no need to do anything other than relax and the pace of life is slow. The locals are very hospitable and help make your time in the area even more memorable. It has been described as paradise and it is certainly a place where many yachts sailing in the Dodecanese stop for a while. 

Day 8
Aktur BayMore info

In a country filled with beautiful bays, to win an award as the best in Turkey is some achievement. It is something that has been awarded to Aktur on the Datca Peninsula. This bay with its pine trees on the slopes has become an important tourist attraction. It is situated between Datca and Kurucabuk with Hisonaru also nearby.  This is the narrowest part of the Peninsula, separating it from the Gulf of Gokova. It was an important defensive position in 550 BC when the Persian army was attacking. A long tunnel was built at that time creating a small island between the Gulfs. 

Bencik BayMore info

Bencik Bay is a quiet and sheltered place to anchor. It is just across from Selimiye on the Hisaronu side of the peninsula dividing the Gulfs of Hisaronu and Gokova. There is a lovely grassed area but no facilities for visitors. That does not detract from the beauty of the place. 

Day 9
Emel Sayin BayMore info

Emel Sayin Bay gets its name from a major Turkish classical music singer and ambassador. It is a lovely place with the crystal blue waters contrasting beautifully with the pine trees that cover the nearby land. The reason why this place took the singer’s name was the beautiful blue of her eyes, and the sea. 

Orhaniye BayMore info

Featuring its deep blue sea and the legendary Kizkumu beach, Orhaniye is well admired by all holidaymakers. Take a journey down it's quaint village roads to discover the historic castle of the black knight. Floating in this bay, the yachts present a picturesque scene. Thevillage of Orhaniye has lots to offer to a hungry tourist. Enjoy walking down the village or witness the beauty of the busy docks accessed by local and foreign yachtsmen alike, stay indoors or explore the local culture and cuisine of the place. Orhaniye is full of surprises!

Selimiye BayMore info

Selimiye Village is one of the real jewels in the Gulf of Hisaronu. As the sun disappears behind the mountains, the village almost seems to change colour into a rich shade of red.  There are the ruins of a castle in the hills to the south east. The castle dates back to early Hellenistic times and is one of the reasons why tourists visit. The tomb in the square is 100 metres offshore and helps guide yachts towards the village. Other landmarks include a watch tower, lighthouse, monastery and theatre. Selmiye is known for its beautiful clean sea, the fish that come from it and the fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs from its fertile fields. The pleasant smell of thyme pervades the village.

Day 10
BozburunMore info

Bozburun, a small town with a marina, 45 kms to the west of Marmaris, has made a name for itself as a place for building quality wooden craft, yachts and gulets. It is well-known to yachtsmen if less visited by others. That said, the lovely winding road by the sea to reach Bozburun is a very pleasant drive. It is not a place for tourists seeking great nightlife but there are many compensations for visitors staying in its small hotels and pensions. There are restaurants by the sea serving the freshest possible seafood. 

Day 11
DirsekbukuMore info

Dirsekbuku lies between the Gulf in the Aegean and the Gulf of Hisonaru, an excellent stopping point for anyone sailing from Bodrum to Marmaris.  There are a number of sheltered bays that are ideal for anchorage.  The region is so nice it is often difficult to move on from a lovely place with its small islands.

Day 12

Datca is a town on the southern shore of the Peninsula of the same name in South West Turkey. It is around 75 kms west of Marmaris and has become a popular spot for yachts heading south down the Aegean and then turning east, or vice versa. There are many small coves on the Peninsula, small farming and fishing communities as well as beaches. It is famous for its tomatoes and olives and despite not having the greenery of some other parts of the Turquoise Coast, it is extremely fertile.

HayitbukuMore info

The main attraction of Hayitbuku is the long sandy beach where tourists can enjoy simply relaxing and perhaps having a swim. It is certainly a great place for families. There are several bars, restaurants and plenty of accommodation for those deciding to holiday there.  The Town of Datca incidentally is just 17 kms away. The beaches are lovely around here and Hayitbuku is also known for its underwater beauty and a famous tree.  There are some nice trails where you can walk to simply appreciate the natural environment though everything that a tourist might want I also readily available.

Day 13
Mersincik BayMore info

The Mersincik Bay (Mersincik Limani in Turkish) is on the North Side of Datca, surrounded by lovely forests which add colour to the setting of clear blue waters and yellow sandy seabed. It is an inviting place and very popular with yachts.  Mersincik Limanı is an attractive place with the many olive trees covering the slopes.

Orak IslandMore info

Orak Island has become famous for its marine life, and of course the crystal clear water. The Island is just 10 miles from Bodrum, heading east. Yachts and blue cruises regular pass by and often stop, even if they have an alternative destination. There are a number of lovely coves that sit below the many olive groves. Orak is not inhabited but it certainly enjoys a temporary population on yachts anchoring overnight.

Day 14
Papuc BurnuMore info

Pabuc Burnu is a nose-shaped place just a short distance from Bodrum. It is a good place for yachts to anchor in the beautifully coloured waters. Yachts can shelter here quite comfortably close to land that is covered by shrub vegetation. 

Poyraz BayMore info

Divers, experienced or fairly novice, will enjoy Poyraz Bay where there are not only interesting rock formations just below the surface but a variety of marine life as well, including octopus, moray eels, starfish and several species of small fish. There are also fragments of ancient amphorae to be seen. 

Day 15

At the end of a charter holiday, and following a hearty breakfast, guests leave their charter yacht with wonderful memories of their time at sea. If they have yet to see what Bodrum has to offer, they should certainly do so before returning home. There is a well-developed tourist infrastructure with plenty of nice restaurants, bars and lively nightlife. By day, Bodrum Castle and the adjoining Museum of Archaeology is certainly the main attraction though the inland part of the peninsula has many things to see and do. 

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