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Yacht Charter Turkey

Yacht Cruise Guides to Destinations around the Turkey

The warm blue water of the Aegean Sea has few equals. If you have seen the lovely colour photographs of the Turquoise Coast where Turkey meets Greece, you may think that the colours could not possibly be as vivid. You would be wrong; the only thing that matches the blue of the sea is that of the sky. Add the lovely beaches, and there are several compelling reasons to holiday in this part of the Eastern Mediterranean.

It is exciting to plan a holiday, and certainly the Internet has helped communication between holiday providers and potential clients. At Ariva Yachting, we understand the importance of responding to enquiries and questions quickly. We have built our good reputation on the quality of service we offer from the first moment you make contact with us, right through to the end of your luxury yacht charter holiday and beyond. As soon as you start the process of thinking about your holidays and specifically a yacht vacation, you are likely to want to have all the information in front of you as soon as possible, and we realise that. When it comes to sailing, it is a fairly specialised holiday and we are determined to provide the great experience that you are seeking. 

The Turquoise Coast is popular for a number of reasons. It is a relatively short flight into one of the region’s international airports from population centres throughout Europe and beyond. You can fly from home one morning and be on your yacht later in the day. The Coastline itself, aside from offering warm blue seas and lovely beaches, has many historical and cultural attractions, depending on the itinerary you select. We can advise you on the details of each of the standard routes we take on our yacht charters and put together a practical itinerary if you are booking the whole yacht and want a bespoke trip.

There are two interesting peninsulas in the extreme south west of the Turkish Mainland, Bodrum and Datca. Both are popular holiday destinations but with the advantage of a yacht charter you can guarantee that you will not see any crowds unless you specifically want them. There are many quiet coves and beaches on these peninsulas where you can relax and swim in almost complete isolation. Your captain and crew are there to offer you the service you require and their experience will guide you to the places that other clients have enjoyed on previous charters. 

If you want to head east from the Datca Peninsula, there are a number of places we would recommend on the Turkish Mainland. Marmaris is an extremely busy holiday resort. It is a natural harbour and the resort has grown enormously over the years as more and more people have picked Turkey for their holidays. You may want some time in Marmaris but you will be leaving behind the peace of your yacht charter if you do. Further east there are places such as Ekincik Bay and Iztuzu Beach that hold appeal to people wanting a more natural environment. Iztuzu Beach is a protected area because it is a nesting site for the endangered loggerhead turtle. Inland from the Beach, through the reed channels of the Delta, there is the charming little town of Dalyan and further still the impressive Koycegiz Lake which at one time was part of the sea.

Further on there are two marinas, Gocek which is the starting pint for the famous 12 Islands Tour that many holidaymakers take as a day trip. They return to Gocek in the evening but with your own boat, you can stay out all night. A little further east there is the ever-expanding city of Fethiye which has much to recommend it. You may want an evening on dry land and if you do, then Fethiye is probably the best place to do that. 

How far down the coast you go will depend upon the length of your yacht vacation. There is no point in rushing because the beauty of a charter is that it is relaxing with little need to arrive anywhere at a specific time. Ariva Yachting has sailed these waters for many years and will be delighted to show them too you, even if you have never sailed before. Your only duty is to enjoy yourself although if you fancy a little fishing then feel free. You might even catch dinner, but don’t worry! You won’t go hungry if you catch nothing because your yacht will be well-stocked, and fresh produce is bought regularly through your holiday from various markets. Give us a call and we will tell you more about a charter holiday on the Turquoise Coast.  


This is arguably the most famous tourist attraction in Turkey outside Istanbul. It was an important port in ancient times but it is now several miles inland from the port of Kusadasi. It has regular visits from tourists sailing in the Aegean who dock and Kusadasi for the short trip inland.

The Datca Peninsula

This Peninsula in the extreme south west of Turkey is a delight. It is famous for its tomatoes, honey and olives with the population largely living in small villages. The main town is Datca and the whole coastline is attractive with many coves and beaches. The Greek Island of Symi is just a short distance from this part of the Turkish mainland.


Olympos was an important city during the Lycian Empire in the 2nd Century BC. It is on the stunning coast west of Antalya. It had a rich history after the Lycians, including occupation by pirates, the Romans and successive sea powers, the Venetians, Genoese and Rhodians prior to the Ottomans. The most stunning attraction these days is the Chimera, a flame burning out of the rocks as it has for centuries.


  • Sunny Days
  • Warm Seas
  • Healthy Cuisine
  • Cultural & Historical Attractions


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Summers in South West Turkey are excellent. Cloudless skies are an everyday occurrence throughout the weeks from April through to October, the yachting season. The sea is warm and inviting, even as the sun goes down. Shorts and T shirt are fine at night time both for the temperature and the casual nature of life on Turkey’s coast.  


Turkish is the Country’s language. It is not an easy language but it is worth tourists learning simple greetings, numbers and the names of popular foods though menus will be in English and Turkish in tourist areas.

The Turkish Lira (TL) is subdivided into 100 kurus, although with 1 Lira worth only 20p, the kurus is fairly insignificant. There are numerous places to change money and ATMs are widespread.

Turkey is two hours ahead of UK time during the summer, but in recent years, the clocks have not changed during the winter so the time difference is three hours. 

Fly to: There are several options for those wanting to enjoy the Turquoise Coast of Turkey. Milas – Bodrum, Dalaman and Antalya each offer regular flights. The alternative is a domestic flight from Istanbul after arrival there. The average flight time from the UK is around 4.5 hours.


There are several marinas catering for yachts on this coastline. Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye and Antalya are mentioned elsewhere but there are many more. On the Datca Peninsula there is Datca and Bozborun and west of Fethiye, places such as Kas, Finike and Demre have excellent facilities for anyone who enjoys sailing Turkey’s lovely waters. 

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