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Killini (Mainland)

Killini is situated just over 40km North West of the city of Pyrgos. It is not a large place but it is one of Greece’s most important ports. Its fame spread many centuries ago due to its natural thermal springs and mud used to treat skin conditions, arthritis and asthma. Things are no different today and you should think about spending a day of relaxing there. Náfpaktos (Naupaktos) on the north side of the Gulf of Corinth is a lovely little port. It was known as Lepanto in the 16th Century and was famous for the naval battle fought there 1571. There is plenty of history and tradition, a reason for its popularity, with narrow cobbled streets and an impressive castle to explore. 

Killini (Mainland) is located near Mainland (Greece) 37° 56' 14.2690" N , 21° 8' 54.5051" E

Popular places in Killini (Mainland)

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